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I am really looking forward to seeing many of you at Lance’s celebration. It’s kind of my full time job right now…planning it that is. I remember the day (like it was yesterday) when I took this picture on one of our favorite hikes in Telluride. I’ve been staring at this picture so much I have actually caught myself saying, “Lance can you just be super human and jump out of the picture now?” I’m still waiting…

We have a lot of beautiful and special things planned for what I hope to be a memorable tribute of a man so many loved and admired. Lance and I talked about his memorial once (way in the beginning….not believing it would be his reality so soon) and he wondered who would be there, what people would say, and then he said, “this is really silly, this is all my ego” and we laughed. Well, being a producer in a previous life, and not wanting to disappoint him for a second, I am wanting to make this a special and unforgettable celebration. As I said earlier, I have no doubts his spirit will be there among us.


It’s really important (essential actually) to RSVP. Even if you have verbally told me or emailed Roxanna. We went round and round on the best way to do this because I don’t have many people’s emails but finally settled on the blog. So please RSVP in the comment section of this blog (even you shy types) by September 21st. It can be a simple reply of “I’ll be there” and how many people in your party (please specify adults vs kids).

Please share the invitation to people who may not be on this blog…ALL are welcome. I want to make sure people know that as I keep hearing about whether this is for only close friends and family or the community at large. Just stress the RSVP part!

Questions or volunteers about the event please contact Roxanna Smith: Goddess of all things to do with Lance and his final days and beyond. Without Roxanna, I would be lost!

I know that some of you are coming from out of town. Trip Advisor is a great resource for hotels in Boulder but to name a few…St. Julien, Boulderado, Boulder Outlook, Millennium, Quality Inn.

There is a plan in the works for an informal gathering Saturday night. More to come.

Love and gratitude,

159 thoughts on “You are invited…RSVP!

  1. The Lieser clan (2 adults, 2 kids- age 8 and 11 for anyone else with kids) will be there. I can’t think of too many things more important to us right now than celebrating this incredible man. Nance- Do we need to rsvp formally elsewhere?

  2. Hi Nancy,
    Will and I will be arriving in Boulder late Saturday afternoon.
    We are looking forward to celebrating Lance with his many fans!
    Can’t wait to see you and the kids:)

  3. Daria +1 will be attending. Wouldn’t miss this for the world!!!

    Thank you for the updates and for organizing this. Looking forward to seeing you and the family.

  4. Nancy, I’ll be there. Can’t wait to meet you. I had a dream about Lance the other night and in it he introduced me to you. It was very real and kind of crazy.

  5. Hey, would you mind if I posted this on my FB page? There are some college friends on there they may not be on your blog.

  6. I will be there! Michelle & I are coming without kids so let us know if there’s anything we can to do help. Looking forward to meeting yours!

  7. 2 adults (Tim and Nicole) and 1 baby (Wilder) from the DeBoom clan will be there. We look forward to an incredible celebration.

  8. Nance – I would love to meet you and see you and your children one day. From all that you and Lance wrote over these past too-short years, I feel as if I almost know you. I won’t be coming, but I will definitely be thinking of all of you and sending as many wishes and good thoughts from NYC to Boulder.

    • Hi Barbara, I heard that you and Nancy connected. She is amazing and so was he. I’m sure she really appreciated all of your thoughts and insights. Hope you are well.

  9. Nance – Unfortunately, Lara and I will be back east for her parent’s 30th wedding anniversary that weekend. Lara and I are both super disappointed to be missing it. I can’t tell you how often I think about Lance (every time I hear the Dead at a minimum). I have the picture of him in the boat on the wall of my office at work and it inspires me (as you have through all of this) to be a better person. I can’t wait to read the details about the celebration afterwards and join in vicariously.

  10. I wouldn’t miss this. Thinking of Lance everyday and looking forward to celebrating his life. Brian and I will be there.

  11. We so look forward to this celebration~thank you~ Matson, Chantal, Torin (2), and possibly a newborn due about then:)

  12. Scott, Sofi, Tasha and I will be there (2 adults, 2 kids). We can also put people up in our house (as long as not fancy is ok with folks). Happy to host.

    Love you, Leyla

  13. We dearly wish that we could attend but we’ll be in Lake City that weekend sharing and echoing your memorial with our many memories of sweet Lancelot. Sending you all our love and looking ahead to being with you, Zach and Ami next July. Much love and huge hugs to all. Linda

  14. Really hoping to be able to come and celebrate Lance with you and everyone Nance. I’ll know for sure end of September.
    love you lots

  15. Hi Nancy,

    Ashley and I and the kids will be in Big Sur the weekend of Oct. 7. We will sadly miss the ceremony. Andrew Cohen is going to house sit for us that weekend, so please feel free to use our place for anything you may need (Planet Bluegrass is 2 minutes away). Please know Ashley and I look forward to reconnecting with you when the time is right. Until then, peace, love, and blessings – you are an inspiration.


    • and in case she doesn’t get a chance to respond (she’s about to leave for namibia) amy nicholson is coming as well. really look forward to it!

  16. Hi Nancy, Blessings to you and your children at this time.
    I am a persona from SF past, a friend of Ted and Suzanne, Jim Farber and Jonathan Hinman. We live in Louisville Co now, we have 2 girls. We would appreciate coming to PBG in Lyons to celebrate the Life of Lance. It would be 2 adults and 2 children.
    Love and Peace MJ

  17. What a hottie! (I’m talking about the cool guy guy in the pic.- please hop right on out.) The Kangs will be there to celebrate- 2 adults and 2 or 3 kids. Looking forward to a special gathering.

  18. The Guarascio-Owen Family will be there. 2 adult and 2 children. Please let us know if there us anything we can to contribute.

  19. Hi Nancy,

    I really wish that I could attend, but regretably I will be traveling on business. It is incredible to see the outpouring of love for you and Lance, and your family…not to mention how incredible you are for honoring Lance with this loving celebration.. He will most asuredly be present and grateful.

    Continued thoughts and love, Andy

  20. Hello,

    I emailed Roxanna . . RSVP. Read the invite post again & so now I’m leaving an RSVP here ! My husband, Charles, and I would like to be there. I look forward to meeting you Nancy & seeing the kids again . . Barb introduced them when we ran into each other at the Lo Library the week after.
    Blessings, Agnes

  21. Right now, I’m planning on attending with my daughter Sophia. Look forward to meeting everyone and seeing my beautiful Nancygirl (aka Nancita!) xox

  22. My dear Nancy Amlie and Zach
    Sadly I will not be able to attend Lances memorial celebration of his most unique life.
    I will be away that weekend
    I am truly sorry to miss such an important event.
    I would love to come visit once things are more quiet .
    You and the kids are in my thoughts and prayers!
    Lots of Love,
    Susan Brown

  23. Nance
    Skip and I are coming. No kiddos. Thinking of you and all the work you are putting into this wonderful event to honor Lance. XO

  24. Nancy, Jeff and I will be there with Will and Clara. We’ll get a babysitter for June and little John. 🙂 That’s such an inspiring picture of Lance. We’ll look forward to celebrating his beautiful soul.

  25. HI Nancy, I was friends with Lance in CU, he showed me so many amazing places to hike in boulder that I still love. We moved back to co a fews years ago and Im sorry that we did reconect with you all , I will be there.

  26. Hi Nancy,
    I was connected to Lance through a men’s group way back and a beverage start-up he was helping Travis and I with. I’m planning to be there, and possibly with my two children and wife in tow. Looking forward to it!

  27. Bill Weiland will attend solo and he is looking forward to meeting you Nancy along with your wonderful family and friends and celebrating amazing Lance.

  28. Hi Nancy, Jason, Kylon and I plan to come. Please know that if you need any help with anything, ceremony included, I am available. Much love….P.

    • We cannot attend today — but the sun is shining extra bright and our hearts are there, in spirit!! See you Wednesday, for more celebration and honor.

  29. Hi Nan, I was hoping to be able to come celebrate Lance with everyone, but unfortunately I won’t be able to make the trip. You are all in my thoughts and prayers always! Much love, Maureen

  30. Darling Nancy – we will light candles in the park on this extraordinary night, and send all our love to you from London. We will miss hugging you, but will close our eyes and think of you. Always love, Helen, Jamie, Inigo & Georgie xxxx

  31. Nancy-Pants, I’m very sad but it looks like I won’t be able to make the Celebration of Lance. However, I will be there in spirit and will have my own little ritual for him, you, and your family on the 7th. Love, Jonathan

  32. I cannot recall if I ever responded by email… it’s past the date requested to respond by…. but I have you on my calendar and would love to join all those who know and love Lance on the 7th (no past tense…. still knowing and loving him!)

  33. Nancy and helpers – I’m coming (if there are still spots) to honor Lance’s amazing presence on this earth and continuity beyond…Jeff has another commitment he can’t get out of so I’m the representative. Actually he will be playing for children at Flatirons, so he will channel Lance’s musical taste!
    What can I bring??? xoxo

  34. Hi Nance,

    I really wish I could have made it out for this incredible celebration of Lance’s life but I will have to honor Lance from out here.

    I know this will be an amazing weekend for all-

    Much love and many blessings…



  35. oh my, looks as though the 21st has come and gone, and though I look for a bubble with a big number under it all I find is a bunch of comments from a lot of amazing people looking forward to celebrating Lance. Please count me in for a beautiful day for a beautiful man!

  36. Nancy, as always, I am so deeply touched. I hope I can be like you when I grow up. You are an amazing inspiration to behold, and I am grateful for the role model that you are. I am planning to come. Thank you for who you are.

  37. Hi Nancy. So sorry for the late response. Somehow RSVPing got away from me. Me and the old Water would not miss this. The sun will be shining on Sunday!

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