What am I?

Am I vegan? Am I raw? Am I vegetarian? Am I macrobiotic? Am I ayruvedic? Do I do cleanses or colonics? Actually what I am is just healthy.

People ask me, “What do you think of The China Study? What about Sally Fallon’s Nourishing Traditions? But you were so into Ayruveda! But when our year turned upside down and I was reading all these opposing theories, I threw all dogmatism out the window and said, we are just going to be healthy. I am going with my gut. We are going to eat what feels right. Take onions and garlic for example. Big anti-inflammatory. Ayurveda is not big on them. Tomatoes are key for lycopene but Ayurveda in general is against night shades. Nourishing Traditions thinks organic meat broth (chicken, turkey, beef) is like liquid gold but The China Study is pretty much entirely against meat and says it’s the culprit for many cancers. ARGHHH!! All this can make a person insane! I totally get the arguments for a raw diet but in the winter I want warming foods.

My philosophy basically boils down to this: I try to eat nutrient dense food (meaning, I like every bite to count and have all sorts of healing properties), and I eat seasonally. I love soups in the winter, and I go wild for salads in the summer. I am digging brussels sprouts right now and pomegranates, acorn and butternut squash. In the summer, I crave raw kale salads, arugula, yummy mixed lettuces from the farmers market, sprouts, fresh berries, peaches and cherries. Smoothies are way more appealing to me in the summer. Miso soup and dahl in the winter. Certain foods, I am pretty much eat all year round: broccoli, kale, chard, avocados and green and black mint dark chocolate. 🙂

The one thing we have 365 days a year is a big fat green juice. Frankly I crave it more in the summer but it’s still delicious, even on a snowy day.

I would love to hear what you think of all these different food theories. I am always interested in learning and hearing other people’s views.

So I am leaving you with my power breakfast. This breakfast rocks! These are also my new beautiful wooden bowls from Pieces of Vermont. I love them! Thanks Barb!

Bob’s Red Mill MIghty Tasty Hot Cereal: 1 Tbs. Nutiva coconut oil,1/3 cup ground flax seeds, 1 tsp cinnamon (stir up 3 ingredients in cooked hot cereal)
Top with: A low sugar granola….I am addicted to GF/Dairy Free Boulder Granola, plain goat milk kifer, pomegranate seeds or blueberries
(this recipe was inspired by my sister Lynn) 

Love, Laugh and be Healthy,

16 thoughts on “What am I?

  1. I’m so with you, phooey on dogmatism! By the way, your meditation post re-inspired me and I’ve been Kundalini cold-showering and meditating every morning. It has completely helped me stay grounded through my latest adventure. And, this morning, Ethan crawled onto my cushion with me, which brought a wave of gratitude like no other…xoxo to you both!

  2. I agree Nance. And interestingly, the immune system is largely in the gut and we have more nerves in our gut than anywhere so that’s where ” i feel it in my gut” comes from.
    Besides making healthier choices, I now try to really listen to my body and what it’s asking for.
    ps I’m coming over for breakfast. That looks so delish.

  3. Honestly I alternate days with food themes. Some days the household is all vegan, some days non-gluten, most days non or low dairy. I rotate and we do eat all grass fed meats and limit them because there is reason to believe meat diets cause cancer — I’ve seen it in my own family. Anyway rotating may seem nuts but really it keeps things interesting and the palate a rainbow of choices. Also it expands the kids tastes. And on broths they are so fortifying and good for moving mucus out who could argue that one?

  4. I couldn’t agree with you more. Follow your gut. In the winter, I love our homemade bread for breakfast, but not so much in summer-smoothies all the way. What could be more natural, organic and right, than learning to tune into intuition and eat what the body really craves?

  5. Healthy is best., I’m always stumped by the questions that asks what am I? We are what we are. And whatever you guys are doing is amazing! So keep that dogmatism aside and keep on rocking the good and healthy side of whatever it is you do and spread and keep sharing. I love the bowls, walnut was a great choice! Down here In st. John I get frustrated by the cost of some of my favorite foods, makes Boulder look cheap. But we have amazing local greens and herbs and sprouts and salad season is always present here, so it’s often my favorite. Miso dressing, arugula, mint, micro sprouts, grated beets and carrots topped with walnuts and pomegranate! Yummy.

  6. I totally agree Nancy. I have tried it all from macrobiotics to Ayurveda and raw food diets and what I’ve come to is the same thing… I eat a well balanced, and nutrient dense diet. I still love my black tea, an occasional glass of wine and dark chocolate of course, but my diet mainly consists of lots of organic vegetables and fruits. I’m all about soups, dhals and kitcheri in the winter. Whole grains and organic meats. Mostly, I eat what feels good. I have practiced yoga for 22 years and the deeper I go in my practice, the more discerning I am with what goes into my body. They key is to educate ourselves around food, which Nancy and Lance are sharing so graciously, and then to notice how you feel after eating. I always check in to see if I have more energy or less. After the holidays, I fell off track as we all tend to do so now I am paying more attention. I think eating well is a yoga practice in itself. It requires us to show up mindfully but it also has to be fun and creative. Nancy and Lance, thank you for sharing your passion around food. It’s incredibly inspiring!!!

  7. Permission to not be perfect, to listen to your body… what gift! I have two questions for you Nance:

    Do the kids eat what you guys eat? I’m struggling on that end, although we’re making progress. It’s hard not to push to get them on the bandwagon knowing how it can impact their current and future health, but they’re still kids, have limited desire to try new things, and tons of pressure from the outside world. Help!

    Also, my coconut oil is a solid, it looks like shortening. All the recipes I’m using act like it’s a liquid. I’m heating it up, but wondering if there’s another form of coconut oil out there that I just don’t know about yet. Any helpful hints?

    Keep up the blogging, it’s an inspiration!

    • I had a whole long reply to you and then poof! it disappeared. I am so glad you asked this because I know many of us struggle with this….including me. Amelie will pretty much give anything a try but Zach is picky! Luckily he does eat most veggies and I do believe that is something to push. I think it is so important that we do our best to teach our kids NOW good eating habits because i think it sets the tone for the rest of their life. However, having said that I know how hard it is. Trust me I do! Zach does not like flavors mixed so if I am making a soup with millet (or quinoa, or brown rice, etc), than I will separate the grain out and if he eats that and a veg than that’s his choice! I do buy him grass fed beef or organic chicken sometimes b/c I believe he is a carnivore at heart. I think not buying a lot of packaged and processed foods is key b/c if they aren’t around, than they have no choice. I try to offer Zach avocados on WW toast or corn thins b/c or walnuts or other healthy choices he does like vs packaged snack foods. I do think it is a delicate balance of pushing healthy foods and not making a huge deal out of it. But really if there are mostly only healthy choices around than I think they naturally start to eat that way. However, occasionally i will buy my kids something they really like that i consider junk (like cheese puffs!).

      Also, I am sure you have heard the advice that you must give a kid something 15x before they will actually like it or try it or something like that. That’s really exhausting and frustrating but even if you put a bite of something every time eventually hopefully it will seem appealing.

      As far as the oil, yes it is solid when it’s cold (under 76 degrees) and over that temp it’s liquid..so you will notice that in the summer. If we need it liquid, we put it in a glass jar, then put the glass jar in a pot of water over the stove and let it melt. It’s really important that the oil is a good brand like Nutiva and does not have hexane in it!

      Hope this helps Lauren. Thanks for asking.

  8. I LOVE thos bowls. And I LOVE this post. I think we can almost make ourselves sick by getting too caught up in labels. That breakfast looks awesome. I am going to buy some of that Bob’s hot cereal stuff. Looks good. Thanks!

  9. Hi Nancy,
    I had a question: do you think there is anything bad with eating raw kale, as long as it is organic? It is not totally clear to me, but in her book, Sally Fallon seems to be against eating raw kale, but I think it is only when it is not organic….

    • Hi Sheeri,
      This is exactly what I am talking about! I think as long as it’s organic and it agrees with your stomach than it is not only fine but good for you. Raw foods have amazing benefits and kale is one of the best vegetables for you. So eat up!

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