Tip of the week #1…Inflammation

Inflammation is the source of so many diseases from cancer to heart disease to arthritis and a TON of diseases in between. There are 2 things you can all do on a daily basis, to help control inflammation in your body NOW! And they are so easy!!

1) Cinnamon! Cinnamon actually has a lot of health benefits but so as not to overwhelm you, decreasing inflammation is a big one! Put it on your toast with your Justin’s Nut Butter (sorry I can’t help myself) or add it to your granola, oatmeal or yogurt. So easy!

2) Turmeric! Since the flavor is mild, I add it to everything!  I am a little nuts with turmeric. I add it to all my soups, I sprinkle it or grate it on my salads, I juice it, and use it in my grains and some lentils. You can find it in the spice section or as an actual root (see pic).

This is what the root looks like…it does stain as you can see from my chopping board…

9 thoughts on “Tip of the week #1…Inflammation

  1. I’m crazy with the cinnamon – if I think it’ll work in something, in it goes! And I’ve been upping the turmeric, too. Guess that’s just the way my cooking is going. Anyway, great and tasty reminders. And I learned what turmeric looks like!

  2. Hey, Nanc – thanks for the great ideas! I was wondering if you think ground (powdered) tumeric is good enough (I’m sure the properties are stronger when it’s in the root form) ,but for the sake of convenience … I’ve been adding the powdered form to our green smoothies. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!

    Again, thanks for the inspiration (on many levels!).

    • Hey Erika,
      I think the powder is great. As long as it is fresh (hasn’t been sitting in your cupboards forever and organic would be my preference!). The majority of people use it in powder form and right now there are 61 clinical trials going on in the states about the power of turmeric. So powder away!! I like the root mainly to juice (and grate on my salads). I usually use powder for everything else.

  3. I definitely think you and Nan should co-write a book about all your experiences… a sort of melange of recipes for life… really inspiring and grounding… many thanks for including me on your amazing albeit uncomprehendingly hard journey…. and awesome cooking tips!

    • We totally appreciate the support and for reading our blog. We hope people will take away the lessons we learned and not have to learn them the hard way! That is our intention!

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