Sit on your hiney!

In 2001, Lance and I spontaneously did a silent mediation retreat in Bodhgaya, India for 9 days. I had never even meditated for 5 minutes before. We would wake up at 5AM and go to sleep at 9PM and sit ALL DAY LONG. It was hard(!) but the euphoria I felt afterwards was beyond words. For years following that retreat, a consistent meditation practice was very difficult for me, but now, believe or not, I look forward to it. Due to our past year’s events, I was compelled and motivated to calm my mind. Now, meditating actually gets me out of bed in the morning. I wish I could will everyone to meditate daily because I guarantee it will have some significant changes in your life if you keep it up.

The difference when I get up and sit on my cushion vs getting up and checking my phone is HUGE!! I can literally feel the difference in my nervous system and how I react to situations throughout the day. I feel an overall sense of calm when I have a meditation practice and feel like I can face anything that comes my way.

This is what a typical morning looks like for me: I roll out of bed around 6:30AM and sit my hiney right on my meditation cushion. I used to lay in bed for awhile but this is THE thing that gets me out of bed now. I sit for 30 minutes, sometimes longer. I cannot tell you what a difference it makes in my day and if I could encourage you to do one thing (besides juice, eat more veggies, and laugh more!) than I would say try to create a practice of meditating and just start off sitting for 5 minutes! Work up to 10, than 15. All you need to do is breathe!! When your mind starts wandering, you acknowledge it and go back to focusing on your breath. It’s so simple! Well, kind of, I do sometimes start thinking about all sorts of random sh*t. However when it works, it really works. The way I look at it is, it’s kind of nice not to think about all the things I need to do or all the thoughts that come floating in my head on a daily basis for 30 full minutes! If you could do that one thing for yourself, over time, I guarantee, the things that you react to rather than respond, or those times you feel short with your kids or partner over something benign, or anxious over something small, will melt away. It helps with the big stuff too.

What really motivated me to start meditating was my beautiful altar which consists of gifts from my family and friends: The wood altar was made out of Russian olive by my friend Mikki, the Ganesh was a gift from our friends Jerry and Louis, the cross is a borrowed family heirloom from my friend Deli, Lance brought me the big clear crystal back from Brazil, the candles and chakra card were made by my friend Roxanna, the heart rock was found on the ground by Amélie, the purple crystal rock was a gift from my sister Lynn, the white crystal rock-a gift from both Zach and Amélie and the healing rocks were gifts from our friend Andrew. The photos behind are part of a six foot collage that Lance made for me as a gift for my birthday years ago. The whole thing is full of LOVE and literally grounds me as I sit in front of all these cherished gifts.

5-10 minutes is not that much of a commitment! Give it 2 weeks..every single day. I used to just sit on a cushion in front of our windows as the sun was rising. That was actually pretty motivating as well. Sit in front of the daylight or an altar that you make yourself, something that will create a space that will help you quiet your mind. It is PROVEN that meditation decreases stress which is one of the leading causing of disease. I promise you will reap nothing but good benefits if you give it a chance. OM.

Peace and mediation,
PS: Post to come: teach your kids to meditate too!


15 thoughts on “Sit on your hiney!

  1. Wow this is very impressive Nancy, and the picture of the kids is charming. While I am not sure, I can meditate, will give it a try Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season and the joys of the New Year. Hugs and Love, Bernis

  2. You were right about Brussels sprouts, so I have to try it. I want a nice cushy cushion, though. Any thoughts on where to find one?

  3. OK, I’m in. I will commit my husband, too. (Not very yogi-like, committing someone else…?) Thank you for the inspiration. It feels good just thinking about it. On another note, I’m still contemplating previous posts. Do recommend a juicer over the mega-pricy Vitamixer? X

    • I personally recommend a juicer over a Vitamix. We have both and we use our juicer every day and the vitamin maybe a couple times a week. I personally love the Omega Juicer. Get it at Vitamin Cottage for Jeff for xmas. xoxo!

  4. I would also be estatic if after a week of being forced to be quiet I finaly got to tell someone everything that had been on my mind. Just kidding, that all sounds tough but true. OM

  5. I love to meditate outside, it becomes difficult here in the winter but with sunrise, moon fall, bonfire, snowfall, leaves in the wind and of course my favorite, flowing water I fell myself flow too. I think it would be harder to watch something still like your alter. Thanks for the post though, this time of year I need to be mindful of finding my happy/calm!

  6. Nance- I’m participating in my very first 4 day silent meditation retreat next month.
    And really looking forward to it. Rodney Yee tells us if you want a truly great, relaxing vacation to go on a silent retreat.

  7. Beautiful altar, Nancy! I started meditating a couple of weeks ago to help me handle stress (which was physically catching up with me) – starting at 5 minutes; now I’m up to 10 and even though my mind still “gets away from me,” I totally feel the difference in both mind and body. I also look forward to my little meditation time now. <3

  8. Ok I think I will try this before the brussell sprouts! Haha. Sitting and breathing I can work on. Thanks for the nice comments about Walter Peter.

  9. Good reminder, this time of year (thinking of New Year resolutions). Funny how taking some time to meditate was so challenging for me… I finally got the Abraham-Hicks In the Vortex guide to meditating and pretty much listen to this daily. I went to the dentist yesterday and listened to it on my headphones. Nice! Thanks Nancy. I am inspired to continue!

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