Raw? No way!

We wanted to thank you for all your wonderful messages you left on our last post. We kept it up for the past couple weeks as we were relishing in your comments. We appreciated them so much and wanted to reply to each and every one but were worried unless you went back to the replies you wouldn’t see them. I realized that another reason for not sharing Lance’s MRI results initially besides the reasons I wrote (jinxing, needing it to sink in and relish it) was that I was worried about diffusing this healing energy that seems to be working. Then I realized,”Wait! They are our healing energy!!” You have completely supported us in so many ways and your love and continued caring has been a big part of all this process. So this is a BIG THANK YOU TO ALL. The cheers all around us makes us feel like we’re Madonna at the Super Bowl!

It’s been awhile since I posted a veggie recipe and I want to make sure you are all eating up your veggies since to me there is no food more important.

Ever since I was in NY last fall, I can’t stop thinking about the Italian man who asked me to be his lover….I mean my raw brussels sprouts salad(!) that I had at a restaurant in the West Village called Frankies. Actually, the Italian guy stopped me on my the way to the restaurant, but he was quickly forgotten when I was served my brussels sprouts! They were delicious and I couldn’t believe I was eating raw brussels sprouts. So when I returned to Boulder, I called the restaurant and did some research and found quite a few raw brussels sprout recipes and since I have been on a brussels sprouts binge all winter, I wanted to get this recipe out before they go out of season. This is combination of several recipes including Frankies in NY.

Shaved Raw Brussels Sprouts with grated cheese, toasted walnuts, lemon and olive oil

This is a quick 10 min preparation recipe that is simply delicious.

  • 1lb brussels sprouts (washed and ends cut off), put in food processor or chop finely
  • 1 cup walnuts (lightly toasted on 300 for about 10-15 min)..oh wait, i guess that makes preparing this a little longer.
  • 1/3 cup finely grated hard cheese like a pecorino, parmigiano-reggiano, castelrosso, or manchego (my preference since it’s a sheep cheese).
  • 1/3 cup of olive oil, potentially more if it seems like it needs it
  • Lemon zest (use a lemon zester)
  • Juice of one lemon
  • Himilayan salt and pepper to taste.
  • Stir it all up. Voila.
  • YUM

Here is a few facts about the nutritional qualities of Brussels Sprouts:

  • They have a high glucosinolate content which means they have special cancer-preventitive components.
  • Brussels sprouts (especially raw) can lower your cholesterol.
  • Brussels sprouts may have unique health benefits in protecting your DNA!

Sending you veggie love,




22 thoughts on “Raw? No way!

  1. This looks/sounds fantastic! Walnuts + B sprouts seem like a really tasty pairing. I love Brussel sprouts, but Kel does not…maybe raw would do the trick.

  2. Hey you two-
    I haven’t written in a while but want you to know that you are both in my thoughts and meditations daily (yes, even I am meditating daily thanks to you. I NEVER thought I could pull that off).

    I absolutely love hearing about this incredible journey you’re on and the positive changes its making- not just your lives but all of us that are part of your extended family. Man, this whole thing has been so incredibly intense to be a part of-I can barely imagine how you must feel. Thank you for sharing it all with us on this blog.

    I’m so grateful for the good news in your last post, and am mustering the courage to try and eat raw brussel sprouts and Kale daily. But our diet around here has changed in a very positive way, including my daughter shunning all meat products. Thank you for showing us how to not only make these changes, but make then fun. I love you guys so much.


    • Ted. So great to hear from you…(glad you weren’t afraid to reach out!). Very happy to hear that you are meditating every day. I can’t tell you what a difference it makes in my life. I can really feel it. I never miss a day b/c I don’t want to get out of this incredible momentum i’ve created by meditating. So keep it up! Also, love to hear you are making some positive diet changes. We are kale crazy over here. My kids actually beg me to make them kale daily. I just sauté it very lightly on low in garlic and EVOO (extra virgin oil oil), than the water from washing the leaves stems it lightly and I add sea salt. It’s delicious! Thanks for your message. Is Suz in India?? Love you! xo Nance

  3. Nance and Lancey!!!! Happy Anniversary a bit late. I read all your posts religiously and love the recipes. but more than that I love how positive and happy it all is. You guys have a LOT to celebrate. Thinking about you all the time. The MRI story with your Dad made me teary!!! Having kale for lunch today in your honor. LOVE, Amy (and Tim, too)

  4. Hey Nancy,

    I meant to send you a reply to your Anniversary blog, but then I got busy with work, travel, family, etc. That being said, it made me so happy to read about your and Lance’s successful battle the past year. It was incredibly heartwarming and inspiring, and I know that I am not the only one who felt like that. Anyway, I just wanted to wish you and Lance a Happy Anniversary. It’s really is nice to hear the happiness in your words.

    All my best and much love always, Andy

  5. Yum! I am the only person in my family that likes Brussel Sprouts but I am going to serve them this way and see what they think they are…:). Thanks for the great recipe.

  6. I just had dinner at Frankies last Sunday and had this salad…. FAB 😉 Thought of you guys (and Lance’s post on Alkaline levels) as I’m on a 3 day juice cleanse for the very first time in my life and they keep talking about the Alkaline benefits. Will be sure to incorporate more juices in my life after this… I feel great. Hope you guys are well.

  7. I had something similar at a French restaurant here in SF last week! Got the ingredients today to make, yum! Thanks for recipe. In general, what is your perspective on raw versus cooked food? (I think it’s macrobiotics that don’t eat food raw a lot, right?)

    • Hi there Anna! Read my blog post on What Am I? I wrote about my perspective on all the different theories of eating (raw, vegan, macrobiotic, vegetarian, ayurveda, etc).
      In a nut shell I listen to my body first and foremost. I don’t pay attention to any one way of eating. I just eat really healthy!

  8. Hey Lance,
    I too read your’s and Nancy’s blog religiously. I haven’t been very good about posting or communicating. I battled cervical cancer most of 2011 and then blood clots in my lungs after my surgeries. All is good now (I won!) and your blog posts have been most inspiring. Your insight and positive outlook on such a difficult experience is nothing short of amazing. I too have taken on a new view on my diet. Lots of veggies (partly because of you and Nancy and partly just cause I needed too and I love them) and lean protein (chicken, fish, 95% lean ground beef, etc) and lots of water. I feel fantastic!! I am so glad that you do too. I am so sorry, my friend, that I have not been more communicative. I have thought about you often and knew you would beat this. Much love……………………….Erin

    • Thank you for reaching out. We love hearing other people’s stories (and successes) and love hearing from people we haven’t heard from yet. So thank you and keep eating your veggies!

  9. Oh no! I saw this too late! We had Brussels Sprouts for dinner, …(but steamed and olive oiled, Himilayan salted and red flake peppered topped with the juice of three fresh Meyer’s lemons). It was okay but this sounds AMAZING!

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