Red lentil curry coconut soup

I know this has nothing to do with the red lentil curry coconut recipe you have been asking for but I just couldn’t resist! Who knew that psychedelics came in the form of cauliflower?Also for anyone who doesn’t think cauliflower is nutritious, it is a cruciferous vegetable which includes broccoli, kale, collard greens, brussel sprouts and cabbage…full of health-promoting nutrients! So eat up people!

Okay now for the red lentil curry coconut recipe but first I have to credit my incredible foody friend Julia Hellerman for this recipe. Here is her blog:


  • Chop and saute 1 onion, 1-2 stalks of celery, 1 large carrot, chopped kale stems in extra virgin olive oil on low heat.
  • Add 6-8 cups water or that homemade veggie broth you made 🙂 and 2 Cups Red Lentils (rinse lentils first).
  • Add fresh grated ginger and turmeric (1-2tsps), any kind of curry blend or if you have any of the following spices (coriander, curry powder, graham masala) or all of them.
  • Bring to a boil, simmer for 30-45 min, or to desired tenderness of lentils, add a can of coconut, and some fresh lime juice.
  • Saute separately some cabbage and spinach in garlic and add to soup. Salt to taste.
  • Make some brown rice on the side and combine.

Last day of the juicing challenge! Thank you for those of you who let me know you were inspired. Here was our juice today.

Also this is not going to be just a food blog…Lance is posting later on this week.

And after…

13 thoughts on “Red lentil curry coconut soup

    • That was at Whole Foods. I think somewhere b/w 8-10 people stopped me in Whole Foods… I thought it was my new boots…but at last it was the cauliflower!

  1. I’m making the lentils tonight, yum! A juicer is up next. 🙂 I’m excited you’re doing this blog. Thank you for inspiring us to be healthier and more conscious. You guys are awesome. Love, Anna.

  2. Hey-thanks for the red lentil recipe, I look forward to trying it as I love red lentils (and all lentils)! And, I long for juicing but need to buy a new juicer at some point-
    Wondering if you all have made any raw kale salad. It’s been a new staple for us and I like it better than cooking kale (save for making stews with kale in it).
    Thought I’d pass it on just in case you are interested and haven’t tried it yet.

    bunch of curly green kale
    3 Tbs olive oil
    2 Tbs unpasturized apple cider vinegar or lemon
    2 Tbs of nama shoyu or braggs aminos acids or tamari
    1 clove of garlic
    pinch of cayenne

    just mix the last 5 ingredients in a bowl and massage this marinade by hand into the uncooked kale…massage until the kale wilts and turns a slightly brighter green. Can also add avocado or sprouts or red/yellow peppers and, I imagine you could omit the garlic if it is too rajasic for your constitutions…
    given to me by this woman Melissa who ran a raw food workshop I attended…

    thanks for the posts….I am really enjoying your new site.

    • Hey Sheri, We love raw kale salads! We lived off of them all summer long but I kind of feel like they are a seasonal thing…what do you think? Will you continue making them in the winter? We have snow on the ground so I have been turning to soups!

      • I know….I wondered too about raw in the upcoming months-we probably have a bit more leeway down here-not as cold!! I miss the beauty though of seeing Boulder covered up with snow-
        Anyway, I understand that you can ‘warm’ raw food using certain spices such as garlic and cayenne-helps in the fall/winter months.
        miss you!!

  3. Thank you for this bright and lovely blog. I’m totally on board with the idea of food being good medicine (as well as just plain good). Best of luck to you all –

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