Needing your prayers

Dear Friends,

In case you’ve notice it’s been quiet on this end, I am ready to share why. A couple weeks ago we had some less than positive news about Lance. The first thing I want to tell you is we are done with MRI’s (ok, I am anyway…Lance will get there). It’s amazing how it completely controls your emotions one way or another and the tailspin it can create. These last two weeks, we have been devastated and grappling with Lance’s MRI results. When in truth, it is one part of the picture. A wise friend said to me “Our whole experience is through the glasses we are wearing.” (btw, this friend is a doctor). Meaning, Lance is not feeling bad physically so we are focusing on that rather than what a picture says. The picture is just one part of the formula. Not the whole picture. This may not be how some people would view it but this is how we have chosen to view it.

I was initially hesitant to share this news because of needing to just keep to ourselves and the emotions we have been facing. However, we have pulled ourselves up from our bootstraps and have a renewed sense of hope.

What we are needing (as some of our close friends have asked) is all your prayers and visualizations, in whatever way or meaning that has for you. This is our greatest wish and request. Especially hold Lance in your hearts and prayers (light a candle if you feel so inclined) on Saturday evening while a Native American ceremony will be being held for him.

With love and gratitude,

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  1. My love and prayers are always with you little brother! I hope the ceremony this weekend will be AMAZING! Love, Strength and Courage to you and your beautiful family!! xxoo Renee’

  2. I will light and candle and Pray for Lance on Saturday..
    sending light and love..
    and no its not the whole picture sometime the Western Picture lags BEHIND the Eastern Picture…actually OFTEN…there is a delay… keep going on your path..
    all of us are right behind you pushing up the hill!

  3. I shall get all of England to send out positive love, light and strength and send it your way. Love to you all. x Anthea

  4. Nancy and Lance,
    We of course will continue prayers for you. We will light several candles on Sat night. Your message was upsetting, but your attitude is a blessing and we will support you anyway we can. Thinking of you and your darling children.

  5. To all of you beautiful Gentry’s, Sky and I ate sending love. We are praying for miracles and health and light and peace in your hearts. We love love love you!

  6. Jessica and I will continue our nightly blessings for your whole family. I meditate specifically for Lance when called to action by you. One thing that was really helpful for me to focus my healing thoughts was the vision you and Lance asked us to hold on to…remember: Lance playing with his grandchildren or Lance playing this summer with Amelie and Zach in Hawaii. I’ll use the one of Lance and his grandkids for now. Let us know if there is a different one you’d prefer. Regardless, I am sending light and love up the hill for you.

  7. Hi gentry’s:

    Amy called and asked us to light candles this Sat. We will. And we are also going to light the fire pits. All of them. Amy said you asked for all of us to pray. We do. And will. You are love and light and have learned so much. Stay focused on everything you have shared and taught us all. Refocus in health and wellbeing and how much you are loved and love.

    We love you,

    Lisa, Jess and all that is Vista Caballo

  8. I am a friend of Suzanne moran and do not know Lance personally..
    But i carry him in my heart and pray for him every day…
    actually we pray with a group of 20 people every morning…
    God will find a way…i keep my faith up high…for you and your beloved Lance..
    I love you


  9. Sending you all my love, prayers, hugs, positive-healing energy. Lance has been in my prayers more often than I communicate…he’ll be in my thoughts and prayers even more often now.
    Much love to you.

  10. This is called the Mi Sheberakh-The traditional Prayer for the sick:

    May the One who blessed our ancestors – Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, and Leah –bless and heal Lance.
    May the Holy Blessed One overflow with compassion upon him, to restore him,
    to heal him, to strengthen him, to enliven him.
    The One will send him, speedily, a complete healing —
    healing of the soul and healing of the body —
    along with all the ill, among the people of Israel and all humankind,
    soon, speedily, without delay, and let us all say: Amen!

    • Hi Flounder, I miss you! Thank you so much. Just so you know, I wish I was Jewish. My office mate’s nickname for me is Mr. Ben Gentry. This was very special for me to read especially coming from you. Thanks Brother, LG

  11. MRI’s are just machines. No match for Lance! Lighting all the candles in the house on Saturday night. We think about you guys all the time and will send all of our love and positive energy your way!!!!

  12. That MRI thing is part of the reason I NEVER go to the doctor anyway. Last week I actually “tried” to go -first time since maybe I had our last kid a decade ago- and since I used the fine on-line appointment system, when I got there they told me I had booked it in the wrong town (big system) so I never even saw a doctor…. Oh well, we know ourselves best and if Lance is feeling good, in whatever moment, that is what matters!

    We’ll light candles, chant a bit and have a little Kang family gathering to send light, love, wellness and peace to Lance and the Gentry tribe as a whole this weekend.

    Shine on and thinking of you all-

  13. dedicating my morning meditation and prayer to Lance and the family. one of my favorite bible verses is: “Things that are impossible with/for/by men are possible with/by God.”
    All of us here in your tribe, believe in miracles.
    sending you love love love!

  14. Beautiful, wonderful Gentry family-

    I’m now kicking my meditations on a healthy brain for Lance into level 11 hyperdrive.

    I have no doubt that this community of friends and family you have will prove the magical healing powers of love, and that what others deem miracles, will be demonstrated to be nothing more that simple physics.

    And I’m not being facetious or taking this lightly. I know is is scary- and I send my virtual blankety hug to all of you. But I truly believe (and belief is a key ingredient) that anything is possible. THIS is possible.

    I’m so loving you guys for your courage, positivity, laughter, and determination. What a incredible story it’ll be to tell your grandchildren. Can you picture that? Then it will be so.


  15. Dear Lance + Nancy:

    We have been praying for Lance and will continue to do so, especially Saturday night. My heart goes out to you.

    My best,

  16. HI sweet beautiful friends,
    I’m thinking of you ALWAYS anyway, so I’m happy to join in on a collective prayer Saturday night and help push the positive healing vibes your way! Your smiling faces stare at me every morning as I sit at my desk… a photo of you anyway.
    I am constantly asked about the “radiant couple” in the photo …
    Happy, in love, embracing, smiling… Keep doin’ all that! It’s working.
    I love you both so much. And MISS you.

  17. One of my mother’s favorite songs had this verse “There are things about tomorrow that I just don’t understand, but I know Who holds tomorrow, and I know Who holds my hand.” My prayers for His help and comfort for Lance and Nancy.

  18. We are having a mini Gentry sibling get together in Tennessee and will be sending our love and positive energy your way all weekend long, and every day thereafter!
    Larken, CD, Hilary, Linda and Tim

  19. I’m staying positive and sending thoughts of light and healing your way. I will join in on Saturday from here. Keep on believing in and focusing on your approach.
    Love, Anna.

  20. Lance, I think from now on, you should only have MRIs taken when wearing your magical fur hat.
    I will light a candle on Saturday, while playing The Wheel/Oakland/ October 10, 1976. One of my very favorites.

  21. I will be thinking of you on Saturday, as I do everyday. You and Lance have been such an inspiration for me – thanks for taking the time to talk and share your experiences. Give Amelie a HUGE hug for me 🙂

    Love, Karen

  22. Dear Lance,
    Together with friends we pray each morning for U. We send you the Golden Christ Energy together with all our love.
    Please tell me if there is anything more I can do.
    In trust,

  23. After your post I wanted to listen to some music. This Franco Battiato’s song knocked to me.
    Le Sacre Sinfonie del Tempo (The Sacred Symphony of Time),

    I’m sure a good italian friend close to you will sing and translate this song for you, wonderful family…. I will sing this for Lance on saturday in a special and powerful place in the Lagoon of Venezia

    I translate just the last three lines…
    that we are angels fallen to earth from eternity
    without anymore memory: for centuries, for centuries,
    until complete healing
    Le sento più vicine le sacre sinfonie del tempo
    con una idea: che siamo esseri immortali
    caduti nelle tenebre, destinati a errare;
    nei secoli dei secoli, fino a completa guarigione
    Guardando l’orizzonte, un’aria di infinito mi commuove;
    anche se a volte, le insidie di energie lunari,
    specialmente al buio mi fanno vivere nell’apparente inutilitа
    nella totale confusione
    Che siamo angeli caduti in terra dall’eterno
    senza più memoria: per secoli, per secoli,
    fino a completa guarigione

    • Thank you Michele. An Italian friend will actually be with us on Saturday night. I will have him sing it to us. Always love hearing from you…after all these years.

  24. You can be sure that both of us will continue in prayer for Lance’s complete healing. God knows what you are going through, and He cares. And so do we!

  25. My best to you all. The sun will be rising here on the other side of the world when it’s Saturday night there. You can’t find a better candle! Keep the faith, and know there are so many people holding you and yours in their hearts.

  26. sending love, light and reflection–the reflection that you’ve been an inspiration to all of us and you have all you need to be in this moment. This community is here for you and in the meantime keep breathing and loving each other.

  27. Massive white, positive, warm light coming your way from FearLess Cottage. Very powerful that you’ve chosen to focus on what your experience is in the present vs what the MRI shows. You are in our hearts and we love you.

  28. I want you to know that you are wrapped in love and light from Colorado to the heartland (the land of cheese).

    I think I’ve had Lance on the mighty powerful prayer chain that my mom runs in Wisconsin before…well, he has now slipped to the top again based on your recent news. Now this is significant – these folks have special connections to the divine. I’m serious. Though they often conceive of God and the Spirit from the Catholic sense (which is just fine, albeit limited at times in my view), they are true faith folks and healers and this prayer chain is a mighty powerful force. In fact, both of my folks get up at 3:00 am 1-2 times a week to sit and pray for an hour in the middle of the night in the presence of the blessed sacrament (involves candles and a blessed host) in a 24-7 adoration ritual they have had going for many, many years. In other words, they’re are pretty powerful pray-ers! They have passed this down to me (the power of prayer, not the 3:00 am rising to do so), so I’ll do the lifting in Colorado and they’ll cover you in Wisconsin.

    Oh yes, I’ll get the rest of the family in on it two – 6 other siblings of mine plus the Bishop of the Green Bay diocese (who is a C.S. Lewis scholar and a very cool guy). Don’t llet the Catholic part put you off – prayer rises above religious dogma. You are surrounded with good energy, my friends!

    With love,
    Colleen & Jeff

  29. you are always in our thoughts… what a special man you are and what a special woman you married. the evans family will light a candle for you sat night. bless you and your whole precious family!

  30. Lance,

    Remember that you still have amazing things to do, that’s why we’re here.

    With gratitude for your words,

  31. You have it. A prayer and candle for Lance now….and especially on Saturday. Stay strong and remain faithful. Our love to you……

  32. I have accessed a network of more than 3,000 Christians who will be praying and lighting candles all across the country on Saturday.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family now and forever.

    Much love, Andy

  33. Lance-
    you have been healing yourself this whole time and you will continue to. I have faith in that. I am loving you and sending healing energy to you and Nancy, Amelie and Zac.
    there is so much healing energy being sent your way from all of these beautiful, loving people… you are encircled in light, you are safe.
    love molly

  34. Absolutely, the MRI is just a piece. Hold on to how you feel and how you’re going to feel. Our hearts will be with you Saturday night, and we’re lighting our candles and praying. You are both so inspiring. Lynn and Leslie

  35. I see you and Lance old and grizzled – holding hands, heads thrown back laughing as dried autumn leaves float to the ground and your great grandkids run around you. May it be so.

  36. Thank you for sharing your trials and tribulations in life. It’s so inspirational to read how you and Lance are handling this hurdle God has put before you. I believe that the power of our mind over our body is limitless. I also believe that through God all things are possible. With the thousands of prayers going out for Lance and your collective positive attitude I can only visualize a wonderful future for the Gentry family. 🙂 Remain strong, have blind faith and stay optimistic. God will bless all of you.

  37. Candles will be lit here Saturday night, along with prayers and visions of old man Lance chasing grandchildren around the yard. Ditto to Susan E. Brown.

  38. Powerful prayers and vibrant energy flowing your way, visualizing a beautiful healthy future with your loving, and loved, family.
    Many candles will be lit here in China for your ceremony.
    You can do it…and you will.
    Much love,

  39. Hey Lance and Nancy, back to my visual of you as old folks on the beach, in Hawaii along with beautiful, healthy cells. My thought will be with you especially on Saturday Night.

    My hugs, and happy thoughts are with your whole family,


  40. YOU CAN DO THIS. The picture is NOT the full story.

    Of course I will light a candle on Saturday evening and send strength and energy your way. Keep up your power and determination. There is much left for Lance to do here.

    Sending love and positive energy your way,

  41. My daily candle lighting ritual is for you Lance and will be sending extra juicy vibes your way on Saturday night. Loving you.

  42. Our family will offer you up in prayer during this difficult time! God bless and hold you in the palms of his hands. Sent from Baraboo, WI

  43. I will be lighting a candle on Saturday and sending prayers, wishes and only positive thoughts to all of you. And you are absolutely correct: MRI’s are only one part of the story (I know this from experience)!

    Barbara Rauch

  44. Spring seems to have arrived in a great burst today in London. Thinking of you Lance as flowers bud and grow and the days grow longer and even above the car fumes you can smell the richness of the earth. It’s a time of renewal. No-one can predict the future, and that’s a beautiful thing. I send you and Nance and your children waves of love from across the seas. XxxxGert

  45. May you experience renewed health, strength and courage from this Saturday’s ceremony as well as the love from everyone here and those 3000 prayer chain people. Plus your Brazilian contingent and, for sure, so many others. Light and love to you.

  46. Dear Lance and Nancy…Barb and family,

    Santa Fe will be burning brightly for you this Saturday…as we approach Spring Equinox, at this time where seeds of the new are rooting. Healing takes such a meandering path sometimes, I know yours is certain. Big blessings!

  47. We will light all our candles on Saturday. A few weeks ago, I started to make you a Hawaiian pussy willow bead (mgambo seed) bracelet, then gave it up….(seemed too girly, you manly man!). But the seeds are amazing and I’ve been told have healing qualities. I’m going to make and send it, girly or not, as it’ll be a little piece of Hawaii and I loved visualizing you guys in Hawaii (and will now continue to do so).

    This is but a fork in the road. There is so much love and hope and healing around you. Hang in there xoxox

  48. I haven’t commented much but I always read your posts and am always inspired by both of you in so many ways but most of all in how you seem to find the joy and meaning in every single day–and still keep your sense of humor, not easy to pull off! Of course you are right, our minds and hearts are as powerful as any other part of us and yours are filled with more light and power than anyone else I know. We will be thinking of Lance–and all of you–on Saturday and look forward to hearing about the ceremony.

    Sending love,


  49. So much love and support here- breathtaking how many lives you have all touched. We will light a candle for you on Saturday and as always, sending tons of loving & healing energy your way. Love an earlier post visualizing you as an old man Lance with kiddos and grand-kiddos on your lap telling stories. I will see that on Saturday as I light my candle…
    Kevin, Jenny & Cricket

  50. Been thinking of you all as always-

    I will continue to meditate on healing energy for Lance daily and light a candle on Saturday.

    Much love~


  51. Dear Gentry Family,

    I want to express my love and gratitude to you. Your journey has shown me unparalleled grace, courage, and strength. Your honesty is such a gift. I am in awe. You are incredible, extraordinary people and I am so grateful to know you both. Your blog has been a touchstone for me, a reminder of what is true.

    You are in my thoughts, heart and prayers. As Nancy reminded us, we only have a piece of the picture. Please know we are extending all of our love to your family.

    Love, Emily (and Brian, Ruby and Grayson)

  52. Lance, you are in our thoughts everyday and especially this evening during your prayer ceremony. Look at all these people who love you so much. That is powerful.

    Much much love to you and all the Gentry’s.
    The Benhams

  53. Nancy, Lance and Family – My deepest thoughts and prayers are with you constantly! I’ve been keeping up on your progress through this website, and I am always amazed at your strength, love and courage. Having been through something like this with family, I know how tough it can be, but I also know you all will get through it! I’ll be lighting candles for you definitley on Saturday and meditating for you also –

    Lance – Let’s go see Madonna at the Pepsi Center in November!!

    Love to you all,

  54. Hey Lance,

    I am thinking of you and sending love. I am all out of clever spiritual advice. Keep doing what you’re doing and know that you are in my thoughts daily!

  55. [Lance this was from my email to Nancy last week, I hope you are well my friend. We think about you all the time. This is just one of many thoughts!]

    Hey Nancy,

    Thinking about all of you and wishing you and Lance strength.

    Please tell Lance, when I think about him I always smile, because of that big giant grin of his. And I see him smiling back, its one of the biggest and most infectious I’ve ever seen. You can’t help but smile.

    I read your blog all the time and love that you have been able to keep all of us in touch.

    Lots of love to you all.


  56. Lance: Our army of 5 is sending positive vibrations. You have touched many people through this blog and your approach to life. We continue to be inspired. We are lovin’, laughing and still eating veggies. We are coming to Boulder this summer for a quinoa-fest weather you like it or not.

  57. Nancy and Lance,-It is just amazing and overwhelming reading about your trip, experiences, and adventures from Puerto Rico. You are in my daily AM meditations and I just sent a heap of healing enery and love over to you just now-I hope you felt it! You both are my heros and inspiration and when I drink my daily grass I’ll do a toast to you both! Love, love, love you all! xxxooo

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