My two big ahh haas

Over the last year my life has basically completely changed. Among a host of things, I’m trying every day to approach my life from a place of love, laughter (not taking things too seriously), and something I didn’t used to have, discipline. Especially around what I put in my body. I have to approach my eating with the utmost discipline or my next stop could be Good Times Burgers.

Two of my most disciplined practices with what I put in my body, that I believe have added the most to my healing  may sound weird but:

1. Alkalinity: When I started on this adventure my saliva and pee were extremely acidic. How do I know? I bought a roll of this pH tape and I encourage all of you to buy one.

When I licked this tape it was bright yellow 4.5 (bad) now it’s dark green to purple 6.5-7 (good!).

There are many books on alkalinity and my favorite is “Alkalize or Die.” It’s pretty extreme but what it does have is a 30-day diet on how to get alkaline.

There is a reason why almost every single cancer diet is vegetarian. Meat is extremely acidic. The amount of alkaline food you have to eat (kale!) to offset the pH imbalance of a steak is overwhelming. In order to offset a can of Coke you have to drink something like 23 glasses of 9.5 alkalized water or a few shots of wheat grass.

Why are all the diets meat/acid free? The theory is that disease of any kind cannot live in an alkaline environment (pH over 6 or 7). Only acid systems (pH under 6) nurture the right conditions for disease to flourish.

Another book from a completely different discipline that highlights this is The China Study. It’s a huge study done in China of cancer victims and what differentiates them. Basically the study showed that cancer only occurs in regions of China where people eat meat. Scary.

When Nan and I started all of this I would crave meat. I almost never do now (unless its steak tartar). Recently I’ve been craving meat and my nutritionist, Jim, says it’s because I’m too alkaline. I never thought that would happen.

Go get some Enzymedica Tape at Whole Foods (it’s expensive). Start slow. Here is a list of things to avoid and a list of things to load up on. Coffee is a real killer. Please let me know if you try and if you start feeling differently. It’s pretty amazing.

Link to complete alkaline food list

2. Hydration: I was probably one of the most dehydrated people around. I would go a whole day without a single glass of water. At night after dinner I would suddenly get thirsty and down a huge glass of water right before bed. The only water I had that day. It was very strange to Nan that I could do this and not get up at night. How could I? My cells were being starved they wouldn’t let go of a single drop.

The worst was I’d go on long runs (10-12 miles was long for me) and didn’t like carrying a bottle or camel back, so I’d just create massive cell death in my body out of convenience. Nice.

Sorry to talk about pee again, but if your pee is anything but clear or close to clear than you are dehydrated.

Most Americans are in a constant state of dehydration. Dehydration is linked to a number of diseases:  Muscular Dystrophy, Colitis, Diabetes, Depression, Arthritis, Cancer and more.

It contributes to a host of others. Picture a neglected potted plant. That could be you. The only thing I ask you to do is try and drink a glass of water every hour. I can’t do it and I try every day. If you’re lucky you’ll get 8 glasses in you and that’s the minimum you need. In the summer, with exercise, in dry climate, it’s more.

Every morning I wake up and drink a huge glass of water. I don’t like doing it sometimes but it gets my pump primed. Of course Nancy has always been a big water drinker so I just try to take after her on this as I do on most things.

Again I’d love to hear your experiences with dehydration and any attempts to rehydrate. It’s changed my life.

Big Love, Lance

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  1. first i spent a shitload of money on a juicer and now i just sent my old lady to WF for a role of Alkaline tape, love you my diet guru( i have cut down on meat but i am eating a big fat cheeseburger tonight…shhh, don’t tell anyone!)

  2. I drink 80 ounces of water every day! It’s tough at first, but now I can’t go without it! I have an short article about water that I’ll try to dig up. I’m not ready to stop eating meat- I love pulled pork and sausage!

  3. I would have never thought to be concerned about my alkalinity – but almost everything I eat is on the right side of that chart. Time for a change I think. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Interesting stuff, Lance! It made me think of the differences between men and women and then individuals too. I started drinking water when I was pregnant with twins and did not want to go in to pre-term labor. I’ve been hooked ever since. My body wants water in the morning before anything else and a friend told me that the ayurvedic practice recommends a glass of water first thing. The other factor is, of course, hormones, or lack there of I am finding. My chemistry has really changed in my 40’s and if I don’t get the right balance, I can get a migraine. Interesting to look at your intakes and outputs and find BALANCE! I appreciate yours and Nancy’s posts and want to say that they look so nice! Great work you two!

  5. Love both suggestions, Lance. Have never thought about pH but it makes absolute sense. I planted a bunch of kale in the garden this winter, as I’m reading more and more studies that cite it as a wonderfood. Trying to drink a tall glass of H2O each morning before putting anything else in my body because here in the Sonoran Desert we tend to lose a lot of water at night! You rock.

  6. Hi Lance. Yes, we also bought a juicer recently, and yes we will go buy the tape! As always, you are a fascinating guy!

  7. Thanks little brother , that was great information and i plan on testing my alkaline levels soon! Cant wait to see you feb 2nd but i am going to cancun feb 4 so we will have to make the best of it! Renee

  8. As always, thanks Lance for the reminders to go ahead and DO that which I already know. I have always known discipline would be a great friend to me, but haven’t embraced it yet. And I have the book, “Alkalize or Die” on my nightstand to read, haven’t cracked it yet. I’ve had the China Study for years, my Mom gave it to me at Christmas one year. Think I read 3 pages.
    Reading your posts are making my excuses bake in the full light of the sun,… I’m pretty sure they are acidic 🙂 As such, I will find some :
    to set aside time to read these wonderful resources every day and perhaps even sit on my hiney and combine that with a 30-day
    lose some extra baggage and lick that tape purple.
    Time to do that which keeps flashing on my cosmic billboard…thanks for being a messenger!

  9. Lance and Nancy,
    I love reading your blogs. Thanks so much for sharing. I am trying to be gluten free (who isn’t these days! ) and trying to be more mindful of getting more nutritious food. Do you have a green drink/smoothie recipe that is tasty? If so, I’d love to try it.

    • Ok this is what I think is a tasty green drink but you can take out some of the veggies and add more as your taste buds get more accustomed to veggies juices. Cucumber, celery, spinach, kale or chard (or both), broccoli stems, lemon, & ginger. Let me know what you think!

        • You can always make “veggie smoothies” but you’ll get all the fiber and it will fill you up fast. The goal of most veggie juicing is to extract all of the vitamins, enzymes, minerals from an overabundance of vegetables (2 full salad spinners of veggies in a 16oz glass of juice). Have fun and keep us posted! Lance

  10. As always, very interesting stuff my friend! I’m still pretty faithful about my juicer (that I ran right out and bought after Nancy’s early posts). In my haste, however, I made a classic rookie mistake and got the Jack LaLanne (hey, it was at Costco and the centrifugal one was not). I plan to treat myself to a new, expensive one in the next couple weeks. My composting worms are getting far too much veggie fluff with the Jack (and my dogs, they love it). The other thing I’ve done faithfully since your “food challenge” was my morning smoothie. It’s generally the same as the recipe you posted. It keeps my blood sugar balanced until I get to work and eat breakfast (oatmeal).

    And I think the Maca has totally balanced my hormones (oh, the things we’ll post online). I’ve also added turmeric to just about everything. No complaints from the fam either. They were always big curry fans and turmeric seems to be in the same taste family.

    I’ve referred friends to your blog and I love hearing about your latest food breakthroughs. Xoxox Bristol

  11. pps, I’m fairly certain the “chocolate decadence” cake I had the misfortune to happen upon in the staff kitchen will not help my alkalinity.

  12. I loved your topic about alkalinity Lance. I have really been trying to go in that direction this past week. I read recently and wasn’t happy about it that there was a study that was done that said Vitamin C supplements contributed to degradation of arthritis. I have never been a fruit eater although I love veggies so have been taking the artificial vitamin C ( the French kind ) that fizzes in water everymorning for the last 15 years. Soooo have decided to try to get my Vitamin C from natural sources as I have had a early onset of arthritis at the moment its just in my fingers. I squeeze a quarter of a lemon in a glass of water and drink it as soon as I get up . So its a double whammy as that apparently set’s up our system to be more alkaline from the get go. Then I have my Organic Alara Dreamy Oats porridge that just discovered a week ago cooked with water when I am dying to cook it with milk . I love milk but its acidic I believe so am trying to reduce intake of dairy. as well as coffee I changed to herbal ginger and lemon tea last week with no sugar or honey oh la la ! but yesterday I cracked as the heater was broke in my apt and had myself a cafe au lait and 4 French butter biscuits. Well its a work in progress guys ! that’s all I can say coming from this sugar addict that is trying to cut down considerably xx Melissa

    • Thats awesome, Melissa. Don’t go crazy at first. Enjoy a coffee when you can, just offset it with lots of other stuff. Slowly the acid foods will fade. At least they did for me. I still have a little milk in my morning hot cereal 🙂

  13. Hey guys. Kevin Cawley mentioned your blog to me a while back, and I’ve been reading it regularly since. You guys rock. I fancy myself as someone who eats well and does his research. I recently found out my blood type, and have been looking in to what it means for my diet. Do you guys try to eat according to your blood types, or do you think it’s not that important/relevant? Maybe write a post on it? 🙂

    • Hi Ben,
      Thanks for reading! We did research the blood type theory and read the book Eating Right 4 Your Type based on blood types but as I wrote in an earlier post, I just can’t go by one theory of eating b/c there are so many different theories and it can make you nuts! One theory tells you absolutely to do one thing and the other tells you it’s bad for you. Makes me crazy! See post on What am I? I have talked to people (that i respect regarding nutrition) who completely believe in eating for your blood type and people who don’t at all. So my general guideline is listen to YOUR body (assuming you are eating healthy) and whether what you are eating works for you or not: energy levels, elimination, sleep, etc. I think those things are the best indicators of what is working and what is not. Hope this helps.

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