My morning cocktail

I haven’t started drinking vodka in the morning…yet…but I have added this new cocktail to our repertoire and its my favorite new thing.

I make this drink before my meditation and before our green juice. It’s amazing and I’ll let you discover for yourself what comes out the other end…

Lemon/Chlorophyll/Aloe Vera juice

First of all Chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is a powerful blood builder. Chlorophyll has the power to regenerate our bodies at the molecular and cellular level and is known to help cleanse the body, fight infection, help heal wounds, and promote the health of the circulatory, digestive, immune, and detoxification systems and it’s an anti-carcongenic. It’s also extremely alkalinizing.

We are WAY into Chlorophyll.

Now for Aloe Vera…It is a great boost for your overall immune system. It’s anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral. Aloe helps promote the production of new healthy cells. You will be more energized and lots of people have actually claimed that since they started drinking Aloe Vera juice, they hardly get sick. Some studies have actually confirmed that Aloe can destroy cancer tumors. The polysaccharides in the plant are found to have anti-tumor properties.

We LOVE Aloe Vera..

So we combine them all together like this…(double this is you are making this for 2 people)
6 OZ of water
1 organic lemon (cut off ends, scrub lemon and then cut into 6-8 pieces (with the rind)
1 OZ Chlorophyll
1 OZ Aloe Vera Juice

Throw lemon and water in a blender (or vitamix if you have one) and blend it until it’s liquified.
Strain through a strainer.
Pour remaining lemon juice back into blender and then add the Chlorophyll and Aloe Vera Juice and mix them all together.

DRINK UP! (give yourself about 30-45 minutes before eating anything else).

You will feel amazing and energized and doing lots of wonderful things for your body!

35 thoughts on “My morning cocktail

  1. sounds awesome! i just have to ask, and you probably saw this months ago, but do you know about the film Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead? check it out!

  2. Nance, I give Piper (for those of you who don’t know her, she’s our 7 year old) chlorophyll in her apple juice almost
    everyday and she didn’t get sick once this winter. I think that says something
    about boosting her immune system considering we live in NYC.
    I love the additional aloe vera and lemon. All such good stuff.

    ps Colleen I’ve seen Fat Sick and Nearly Dead (pretty much says it all in the title)
    and found it really inspiring. I did a 10 day juice fast the next day and felt amazing!

  3. where do you buy chlorophyl? sounds healthy but does it taste like s**t? i would think the concept of the lemon rind might make it taste very bitter…please reply as i want to change my life immediately – starting today – and will drink this tomorrow. also…does my blender have to be industrial strength to handle the entire lemon?

    • I get Chlorophyll (brand-NOW) and Aloe Vera Juice at Vitamin Cottage. It tastes good in my opinion but if it’s too bitter just add a little more aloe vera juice after you make the drink. I think your regular blender will work.
      I am intrigued…change your life? What has inspired you?

    • I get the Aloe Vera Juice at a local health food store but Whole Foods carries it too. Kids are not drinking the whole concoction yet. You can start with the Aloe for kids and just add that to their water.

      • OK, i tried to sneak it into Graces juice this morning. She looked at it and said “mom! there is all this gooey stuff floating in my DRINK!” I was cracking up.

  4. I was just thinking of you both today! My horse is healthier than me. I have been giving him aloe vera juice for awhile. Walter is convinced I will do more for him than I will do for myself, which is probably true. He sees the chiropractor alot more than I do! Ha So happy to hear from you.

  5. Thanks for sharing Nan. I’ll give this non-alcoholic concoction a try.

    I recently embarked on a five month (successful) cleanse to strengthen my immune system for (food and pollen) allergy purposes. My Naturopathic had me on Aloe Vera (among a long list of other things) for three months. The best brand, which tastes just like water, is George’s and can be found at Vitamin Cottage!

    Here’s to clean, strong pipes!

    • Thanks I will give that brand a try. Aloe is really amazing. People think it’s just for skin but it’s not! Thanks for sharing.

  6. The Sanskrit word for Aloe Vera is “Kumari” which means “beautiful young girl,” speaking of its youth giving properties. I know someone who cured ulcers with aloe vera…I’ll get some chlorophyl tomorrow. I haven’t taken it for a while. I’d like to say that this combo seems like a dream for the liver…mmmmmm

  7. Is this the stuff I had a sip of when I saw you last week? If so, it was seriously yummy. In a sort of wow that tastes really healthy kinda way. Thanks for all the recipes! Love you guys, Ted

  8. Wow, love the info! I have been feeling so much better just from juicing…can’t wait to try. Should I have vodka before or after green drink:)? Just kiddin’…

  9. I’m ready for day 2 of the morning cocktail. My 95 yo uncle has been drinking aloe vera juice for 40 years and he is still golfing and takes NO medicine for anything. I am going to make this drink part of my morning routine. Thanks for the recipe.

  10. K-I’ve used liquid chlorophyl before and I wasn’t thinking yum, but it does sound healthy-

    I’ll give it a whirl, my allergies are horrible this year and I could use an extra boost.

    Thanks for the share!



  11. Nancy, Duane and I are enjoying Morning Cocktail #1 as I type. It’s such a beautiful color, and tastes much better than I though it would! A question – have you tried making this in a larger amount and using for the next couple of days? Or do you think it needs to be fresh each day? And also, is that a recipe for one serving? Thanks for the ideas and the inspiration!

    • Yes that is a recipe for one serving. Double for 2. Triple for 3. etc.
      I think making a batch for 2 days would be fine. It’s great that you are doing it!

  12. Hi Nancy, I’m a friend of Lance’s from college, never had the pleasure of meeting you but now I hang on your every word 😉 Love, love, love this blog. Seriously. You are a goddess. Ok on to my question…I’ve gone to the Vitacost website to get this stuff and there is a dizzying array of aloe vera juice options! Hoping you can help…there is a whole leaf variety, an inner fillet variety, there is a concentrate vs. a juice, flavored and unflavored (I’m thinking flavored for my kids?), and then there’s one loaded with superfoods (goji, acai, noni, mangosteen, etc – but I’m thinking better to keep it simple?). Oh and one brand that is derived from whole foods. Hoping you can give me some direction 🙂

    • Laura, First of all, Thank you!! You just made my day. If people are changing their ways, then our mission is being accomplished and that makes me truly happy (oh and the goddess part didn’t hurt either) :)!
      Thank you for asking the question about which kind of Aloe to get. I would get the organic whole leaf variety. My one hesitation with the flavored kinds is does that mean they are loaded with sugar? Sugar is sugar…even fruit sugar. So I would try the regular kind first and see if they like that before you go switch to a sweeter kind.
      I would buy it from this website:
      and get the Aloe Gold Juice Concentrate…you can get it in 16oz or 32oz.
      Hope this helps.

      • Awesome, thank you! Can’t wait to try this. We start our mornings now with warm water with half a lemon squeezed into it, this will be taking it up a few notches!

  13. I am in Love with this new cocktail Nance. But what to do with all that wonderful lemon pulp??? Do you just compost it after straining? I have been but it is killing me. It must be good for something. I am trying to think of something creative to do with it…add olive oil and voila, salad dressing? I may try to drink it with the pulp tomorrow. Have you tried that?

  14. Okay this might make you laugh but if you had a dehydrator you could make some crackers out of the pulp. But assuming you don’t (and we don’t), then yes we compost it. But if you are scraping it enough through the strainer there shouldn’t be too much pulp left. Yes we have drank it with the pulp and if that works for you do it! If it’s too bitter just add some more Aloe Vera Juice. Lance wasn’t a fan so we have been putting it through the strainer. I think a salad dressing sounds interesting….lemon is a great alkalizing ingredient. You could also add some to your water. Okay, now you are giving me all sorts of ideas.

    • Ok, my strainer must be too fine because I have been getting quite a lot. Maybe I’ll run it through the pasta strainer instead. Maybe I’ll just drink the whole thing. It all sounds good.
      Thinking of you guys always.

  15. Finally got the aloe and chlorophyll and made this for the first time this morning. What an awesome rush of energy! Question, maybe because I’m always running late in the morning, ok I’m always running late…could I start the day as I usually do with lemon water (and I might start doing it with the lemon Vitamixed like I did for this drink), then just add chlorophyll and aloe to my green smoothie? Just wondering if there is some sort of benefit to having these 3 together, and prior to the green drink?

  16. hmmm….you got me on this one! I personally like the aloe vera, lemon and chlorophyll on an empty stomach. Also you can drink this drink fast where as green juices you should drink slowly. One suggestion is you prepare the lemon part the night before and then add the chlorophyll and aloe the next morning and just stir it up (doesn’t need to go in blender). I also like the energy boost I get from it in the am. I know how all this can be time consuming and hard to fit in in the morning. But if you get HBT you can get up a little earlier!

  17. Nancy I wanted to thank you for the wonderful… as I like to refer to as ‘detox’ drink. I am friends with Elizabeth and our entire family suffers from Chronic Lyme Disease. Elizabeth suggested I add Vitamineral Green from Health Force to the drink and I’ve had great results from the combo. One of my main symptoms was/is fatigue that is greatly improved since adding the new drink daily. THANKS! Wendy

    • Hi Wendy! I have heard all about you. Thanks for reading and commenting. I am sorry about your families Chronic Lyme disease….I know from Elizabeth how hard that is. So glad you are drinking chlorophyll…Yes it gives a big boost of energy. I am glad you tried it and are getting good results. Love, Nancy

    • Hi Jill,
      I just always wonder about the absorption of capsules. I prefer to get my nutrients and vitamins mostly through liquids or food. My dad who was a radiologist said he often saw tons of pills floating around in x-rays and I had a first hand experience (too graphic to write about) that showed that the pills were not being absorbed. Thanks for your question. Nancy

  18. I want you to know that since your post with this recipe – I have only missed two days of this morning cocktail. Truly – I look forward to this like I used to look forward to my first cup of coffee. Within minutes I am feeling a boost and I love the regularity it provides my ‘system’. I will drink this forever!

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