Meanwhile back in Boulder….

I don’t have anything profound and spiritual to say except to report back on life in Boulder since Lance went to Brazil but first a few things about Lance. I think everyone has figured out by now (if they didn’t already know) that Lance has always been the kind of guy who does random acts of kindness and from the beginning as people started posting, I was constantly reminded, “oh yeah, i remember when Lance did this or that for that person.” Then someone reminded me how Lance on one freezing weekend in the middle of winter a couple years ago, spent his entire weekend building a ramp for a woman in a wheelchair that he had never met. When I reminded him of that, he had completely forgotten but this is and has always been Lance. 

Lance and I tried not to speak too much when he first went to Brazil. I just wanted him to be submerged into his experience, to get the most out of it with no distractions, not even me. In fact, I strongly urged him not to take his newly gifted IPAD with him. (He didn’t). We decided we were going to write letters to each other. Something about the old fashioned way of communicating seemed so right and frankly kind of romantic. So i got a 4 page letter from Lance hand delivered to me by my sister when we met up in California. (The kids and I went to CA last week).  Anyway, we broke down last weekend (exactly 2 weeks since he has been away) and skyped. First time I have ever even skyped. Is there always a delay? Amelie kept making faces and was fascinated by the whole thing (it reminded me of the movie The Gods Must Be Crazy….a film about a Coke bottle that is dropped from the sky that becomes this fascinating and coveted object by everyone in a small African village) because we were all acting so strange like this was so foreign to us..because frankly it was!

What I have to report about Lance is he sounds and looks so healthy. I feel like I am getting back a husband that is the purest authentic form of himself and my sister reported that he was just glowing down there. She also said everyone loves him…surprise. surprise. She told me that one day they were walking through the town and he was wearing his white man dress (the galabeya!) with a big wide brimmed hat and someone walked by and said, “Nice outfit.”

So on the homefront since Lance left, in a nutshell:

First week: hard

Second week: in CA with Amelie and Zach for my Dad’s 80th bday.

Third week: My friends from afar have descended on Boulder and have been taking care of me. My childhood friend Colleen (Cook) flew back with me from CA. Then my friend Amy from my NY days came to visit and then next week, another friend from NY, Kate who I met in Paris when we were 19 is coming. In fact when Lance and I decided he was going to stay a week longer, I texted her and said, “I know this is last minute but do you want to come here next week?” and she texted back 15 minutes later and said, “Done! I’m coming!” I am so blessed with so many caring and loving friends who have been watching out for me constantly.

Zach and Amelie said to me tonight, “When Daddy comes home it’s going to be the best day of my life.” They have missed Lance A LOT.  We cross off the days on the calendar. In fact, when we got back from CA, they went straight for the calendar and were so excited to cross 6 days off! I think about how different their childhood is from mine. When I was little, my parents left every year for about a month. Okay, maybe that is a slight exaggeration but I do know when I was 2 they went to Africa for a month (and we never even talked to them once). Mom, I am not traumatized by this at all, I swear, I promise. In fact, I kind of liked it because the people who took care of us took us to McDonalds. My kids have not been that lucky. We have kept to our little routine, including dinner as a family sans the main character, bedtime as usual etc..While I wouldn’t exactly say I am “relaxing” cause I still have a list a mile long of things to do, I have been offered all kinds of TLC, from facials, to haircuts, to pedicures, to Tibetan singing bowls, to Reiki, to Jin shin Jyutsu, to massages, to dinner, to some things I am probably blanking on right now. I am grateful to all of you who have been pampering me.

So now I really am counting down the days until Lance gets home. I am trying to have a few surprises up my sleeve. I am dreaming of his return. I am praying for his healing. I am hopeful.

Love, Nancy

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