Love and sprouts in Puerto Rico

Lance and I are eating a lot of sprouts in Puerto Rico at the moment. We are at the Ann Wigmore Institute: a grass roots, super intimate, wheat grass juicing, live foods type of place (based on the much fancier Hippocrates Institute near Palm Beach). I considered Puerto Rico fairly close until it ended up taking 3 planes and 14 hours to get here, ending in a beautiful flight across the island on a tiny 8 person plane. I had to make sure to get to know every one of the passengers before take off in case we were all going to die together. They thought I was being funny but I was actually serious. They turned out to be some groovy Puerto Ricans and we laughed the whole way to the west of the island. We landed safely 🙂 and I was thrilled to be in this luscious, humid place.

What has really drawn me to this place, is not only does it remind both Lance and I of our travels pre-kids (in India and other parts of Asia) but the people are so incredibly genuine, nurturing, loving, supportive and so extremely passionate about what they are doing!! Between the live foods diet (meaning nothing is cooked and everything is either sprouted, soaked, blended, or fermented), and the juicing, it is super educational as we attend classes on everything from wheat grass, to sprouting, to digestion, food combining, fermenting, composting, sugars, starches, dry skin brushing to more than I ever wanted to know about the colon. Every single thing we eat is grown right here.

82 year old Leola. Lance's new girlfriend.

What I love about this place, is even though they are teaching this “live foods” diet, they are constantly reminding you of the importance of taking care of yourself: body, mind and spirit. That is right up my alley! In all these classes they are always genuinely mentioning that more important than even the food (which is what they are all about) is love: loving yourself, loving each other, love, love, love. These people are all heart. There is the sweetest and smiliest woman here who is 82 and has been apart of the institute since 1990 and says she is “having more fun than she has ever had in her life.”

Energy Soup. 80% sprouts..breakfast, lunch, dinner

We are doing a cleanse for the next 3 days (“energy soup”). I confess I have never done a cleanse. In fact I am thinking I am horrible at it and we haven’t even started. I don’t like to be hungry and so all day today I have been sneaking extra food every chance I get. It’s like I wanted to store up before the big hibernation. (I know it’s not that long of a cleanse but it is to me!).

I am going to post one or two more times this week with more pics and stories in case you want to check out the blog again this week. I won’t send out a mass email. Oh and please comment on the blog instead of replying to my email. Lance doesn’t like me to crowd his inbox with emails but loves reading your comments.

Oh and forget HBT, we are HBE here in P.R. (that would be eight not eleven).

Love, love, love,

32 thoughts on “Love and sprouts in Puerto Rico

  1. love love love you guys! sounds like you are having a wonderful time in P.R. what a great environment to be in…I’m on the third day of a cleanse and wishing I was in P.R. for the supportive scenery and vibe. laughed out loud to think of you on an 8 seater plane…bah hah hah…good for you! looks perfect and I’m so glad for you both that you are having this alone time together…xoxo

  2. I wish you were here too!! You would LOVE this place. It’s so up your alley!
    Yes I am sure you got a kick out of my little plane story. It was actually fun! I have been on small planes before that scared the crap out of me.
    Look forward to seeing you when I get back my friend. xoxo

  3. Beach, Lance and Lance’s new girlfriend all look wonderful. The energy soup – not so much.
    Glad you guys managed to sneak away on this trip! have fun xoxo

    • It’s definitely an acquired taste! I thought Lance was going to cry when he saw that that was his main food for 2 weeks. Once in awhile we get an avocado…woo hoo!

  4. Wow!!!!!!!! what a great and educational adventure!
    looks like your have a GREAT GREAT GREAT Time!
    enjoy enjoy and thank you both for sharing so MUCH!
    I love reading about your wide variety of experiences!!

  5. OK, what I love about you guys is how everyone knows you and everyone is so inspired by you. I know you through Alice, but the other night I was talking to another friend and said I had to go because I have this new thing where I’m trying to be HBT, and she said, “Do you read Love Laugh Veggies?” And then Nicole is telling me about how she just bought chlorophyll. So then I said I was in the midst of reading A Million Miles (which is so so excellent and I thank you for recommending it). So I just wanted to tell you how you send these ripples out into your community and they make peoples’ lives better! Enjoy your time in PR. I will stick to reading A Million Miles because I don’t think I’ll be making energy soup!

    • Jenny,
      THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR COMMENT! It just made our day (I just read it to Lance)! If we are helping make people’s lives better than our mission is being accomplished.
      Love to you and thank you again,

  6. Seeing this I am inspired to go have a margarita (it was the view of the water not the sprouts that did it)! I started yoga yesterday, and thought of you both as I did “down facing dog” with my two dogs looking back up at me (how did they know??)!! I laughed so hard I fell to the floor…no wonder you love yoga! Thinking of you both, sandy beaches and of course…the margarita!!

  7. I take it Xanax is a no-no en route to a live food retreat. I would have had to take the ferry–or swim 🙂 Glad you two are on a getaway, the beach looks gorgeous! I’ve done a couple of cleanses (yes we have them in decadent NYC) but it was three meals a day with things like quinoa kale burgers, totally delicious and more than I usually eat. The energy soup sounds a little more hardcore.

    • I just read your comment to Lance and he said “Oh how i would love a veggie burger right now.” The energy soup is definitely an acquired taste as is the wheat grass (we have about 4-5oz a day).

      And it’s so funny what you said about the Xanax b/c I was thinking about all my friends who don’t like to fly (you included) so you had entered my mind!

  8. Hi Nancy,
    Susan Brown Here…
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!
    Thanks for keeping me in the loop I really appreciate it!
    I have not tried the drink yet but I will it sounds yummy
    and so healthy!
    and HBT is fantastic I never do that ever..
    but when I do i pop up so refreshed!

    lots of love to you Lance and the kids

  9. Thanks for the great post on your trip to PR. I will have to pass it on to my great friend who is both a pilot and a student at the InterAmerican U. Have no real idea where you are on the island except West on the beach. It is a lovely healing place in and of itself!
    Along with others who posted I wish Lance patience and wonderful results with the Energy soup although if there was avocado I could swallow it! Sending love to you both because that is the energy field that does heal and does help we all pray.
    Blessings and enjoy your getaway as much as you can. PEACE!

  10. . . . and I should add that if I’m being honest, when I saw that picture of energy soup, I thought, “Hmmm, I should totally try that.” Such is the contagiousness of your enthusiasm that you can make that look appetizing, or at least sound like a really great idea! Please teach an energy soup class when you return!

  11. Right, so no on the energy soup for me, although I love you both for subsisting on it. I personally would need to wash it down with Diet Coke (OK, only like one a week….I felt like I was doing crack when I had one at lunch when I met Lance in Boulder). Thinking of you guys and sending you love. I’m also reading some sort of sci-fi trashy novel at the moment and maybe I’ll go pick up Million Miles so I don’t feel like such a schlub. You inspire me, as always. xoxo

  12. I am so thrilled to read this update. The pictures are great! Can’t wait to see more. I especially like Lance’s wavy hair.
    Love to you guys!!

  13. I can SOO see you riling up that group of passengers Nance! Sounds like a great adventure and an amazing place. Despite almost getting used to having my green juice every day — that soup photo was a shocker, maybe should not go on their travel brochure. Hope you have a wonderful trip!

  14. I think about you all often, and am so glad to be able to see a bit of what’s happening in your lives.

  15. Beautiful Nance and Lance. I so wish I was there with you all!! It sounds perfect. Enjoy your time in PR. We are missing you here but sweet Oliver is sure happy. At this very moment, he is asleep on he couch. Right next to me. He sends his love. Love, love you both. Xoxo.

  16. I WAS wondering what you were doing in Puerto Rico! That sounds amazing and perfect! I can’t wait to hear if that energy soup tastes as good as it looks:) doesnt matter, because you are clearly in such a yummy, fabulous place together. I’m so glad to know you are both being nurtured. Nance, I hope for some schooling from you on all of your new food and nutrition knowledge. Love to you both from all of us in beautiful but not humid Boulder! xxxooox

    • I have learned so much Julia!! I can’t wait to share. You would LOVE this place. Lance just told me to tell you he misses your food.
      We can actually make that soup together and actually a lot more delectable that my photo. If you ever have time…Love, Nance

  17. Hi N & L!!!!
    Jana directed me to your blog. Now, reading so many posts, with tears in my eyes–happy and sad. Sending so so so much love. Was funny to open to the Puerto Rico post–my bi-annual escape is to Rincon and I’ve always said I was going to the Wigmore but I can’t get off my paddleboard! Now totally inspired to go. BTW I call our kitchen “the labratory” as we are also healing with food and love, not only Zac’s autism but all of us! I’ll shoot you my “meal in a muffin” recipe if you like (GF/CF/SF packed with protein and seeds). BIG HUG TO THE WHOLE FAMILY!!! xoxoxo

    • Hi Jennifer, Nice to hear from you…it’s been so long. Go to Ann Wigmore!!! It will blow your mind and teach you so much. It will change the way you think about food forever. We don’t do muffins here b/c no one eats sweet things at our house (my kids strangely don’t like sweet things so that includes muffins) but if I was at your house I would definitely take you up on one. xoxoxo

  18. It looks fantastic. All of it. Even the green soup.
    Lance you look gorgeous.

    Sending love love love from Brooklyn

  19. I’m very glad that you genuinely enjoyed the flight! It’s always very cool to have excited and happy passengers!

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