Julia Roberts and Nan’s Birthday

We are having a wonderful time in Hawaii. Kauai is like nowhere I’ve ever been. I’m looking out at a 200 ft waterfall cascading off the side of a mountain as I write and everyone sleeps.

Day before yesterday we were at our amazing hotel and I was in the kids activity room playing air hockey with Zach and Ama and Nan was at the pool. This group of girls comes in and is screaming! “Julia Roberts is down by the pool!” I espouse my Hollywood wisdom and tell them shed never come here, but they are fully convinced. About 15 minutes later Nan comes up for lunch to get us and the room erupts in giggles and laughter. I introduce Nancy to these girls as Nancy and finally I understand. Nancy was their Julia Roberts. They’d been chasing her around the pool convinced she was Julia. They even had a People magazine to compare. It was all quite bizarre. Why do all the glamourous things happen to Nan?

Today is Nan’s birthday and Im sure she’d love to hear little happy birthday wishes across the Pacific.

We love you all and thank you for getting us here with all of your thoughts and prayers. Without Nancy and all of you, Lord knows where I’d be.

Big Hugs, Lance

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