Happy holidays from us..our holiday card.

Well that was a wild year.

It’s kind of strange to reflect back on this time last year…how little did we know what was in store for us. We sat around a fire on New Years Eve last year and wrote on pieces of paper what we wanted to rid ourselves from the previous year and threw it in the fire and then wrote down what we wanted to welcome for the year of 2011. Lance’s #1 was to become healthy. That was 18 days before we knew anything. And in our minds and hearts, healthy he has become. Once again, Lance is nothing short of a superhero.

This picture which I took in Hawaii in August (it was the view from our house in Hanalei) symbolizes our past year. The double rainbow coming out of the dark clouds. That certainly sums it up!

Besides a few really painful moments, for the most part, this past year was sprinkled with silver linings. Community was redefined, eating became a healing force, what is truly important in life became glaringly obvious and what is really not became equally transparent, LOVE took over in a way we never even knew.

We look at this holiday as a true blessing. We are blessed with all of our unbelievable friends, community and family who swooped in and helped in any way they could near and far. Your kindness, generosity and support will never be forgotten. We are grateful for each and every one of you. We truly believe you have been a big contribution to our success this year. You carried us, held us, loved us, prayed for us and just plain helped us beyond all fathomable imagination.

Lance and I had a good hard laugh the other night (big belly laugh…my favorite!) when I reflected on his “year of taking it easy.” I said to Lance as we were lying in bed, “Do you realize all the places you have been this year?” And slowly we started to count….Brazil not once but twice, Austin, Arkansas, Minneapolis, Portland, Florida, Michigan, Hawaii, New Orleans, Mexico and he just returned from New York. Maybe this will give you a little indication of what life looked like before he “slowed down.” But in actuality, he has slowed down and takes unbelievable care of himself (with a little help from his relentless wife). Here is a picture of Justin and Lance from their surprise trip to Mexico to all their employees.

We end this year with renewed hope, lots of healing vibes and even opportunities. I was asked to speak on food and health at a natural foods convention in Las Vegas. As thrilled as I am, I am equally terrified!

So with tremendous gratitude and love in our hearts we wish you a peaceful and healthy year. Live it fully, live it with laughter, live it with love.

Love, laugh & veggies in 2012
Lance and Nancy


23 thoughts on “Happy holidays from us..our holiday card.

  1. Thank you, Nancy & Lance for this beautiful reminder of what is worth celebrating. Nancy, I’ve been following your food blog closely and I’m sure you’ll do a fantastic job in Vegas as you’re a “natural” star on the Internet.

    Mark & Marianna

  2. Many blessings for the holiday and for the new year!

    I reflected on your last post on meditation and wanted to respond a big huge YES.

    Thanks for continuing to be rays of hope and light-

    Much love to you all~


  3. What a surprising year, with revelations — and hope — at every turn. Thank you for all your inspiration this year.

    Please keep writing the blog! And Nancy, you will rock at the convention – you were meant to do this.

    Wishing you even more love, joy, light, and good health in the New Year. 🙂

    Susan xoxo

  4. So many thoughts and emotions as I read your post. It hit home in many ways. All I can say here is: I’m thankful to have met you. Love to you and your family.

  5. What a beautifully written Christmas message, also beautifully illustrated with photos. As a family, you are the embodiment of love, understanding, and compassion. I feel inspired by your writings.
    Love, Greg

  6. How do I love thee both, I cannot count the ways. So glad you are healthy, happy and whole. And that whole carrying, holding, loving and praying stuff…it goes both ways (not to mention the juicing, laughing & meditating).

    Thank you

    Bless you

    and big love to you and your beautiful kids,


  7. Thank you for the super lovely Holiday “card”!
    You guys are always sending out such WARM HEALTHY LOVE HEART ENERGY!
    Blessings to you always from the Buddha and Bodhisattva spirits of Korea.

      • Yes and Yes. Perhaps next week sometime if you are around and avail…

        Today I shoveled snow
        beneath a tree with seven
        crows. my breath
        like smoke in the frozen
        cold, while through the sliding door
        the pellet stove

        May your downtime
        be uplifting. Look forward
        to when we meet again.
        Until then both meditation
        and prayer–a passage
        from Psalms
        allowed a lot
        more breathing room:

        Be still and know that I am God

        Be still and know that I am

        Be still and know

        Be still


        peace on earth…

  8. Its not what happens that is the most important thing but how we become the alchemists of what is put upon our plates. You all get A plus in alchemy. May the abundance you experience be felt by all. Sending love from a new friend who you haven’t yet met 🙂 shana

  9. I love the photos in this post! Your kids have the dreamiest loving expressions and I love the one of you and Lance…love love love. Thanks for sharing the wisdom you have gained this past year – it’s a lesson for us all to be grateful for this moment, to laugh about it all and eat more veggies. love you all xoxo

  10. It’s really all about love, isn’t it.
    you two are truly an inspiration that love can conquer all.
    Big love to you and your kiddos.
    To an amazing new year!

  11. Hey you 2 , I just read your Christmas post and am thinking of you both and your story this year. It’s a beautiful story. Love just jumps out from the posts you write. Its pure enjoyment each time I open the site. I am a little greedy as each time am like, I need some Nance and Lance input 🙂

  12. Love this. It’s been a gift to be on the journey of 2011 with you (albeit from afar). So, as for 2012:
    I am still juicing, nearly every day.
    I am pissed I ran out and impetuously bought a crappy juicer (although, in all fairness, it has gotten me into the swing of juicing. Poor cheap, juicer, it’s doing its best)! I am investing in a good one soon.
    My kids discovered Justin’s peanut butter cups this weekend in Breck. The best part? The $1.00 coupon inside! More coupons (just sayin’)!!!
    I am also still doing the Kim version of the morning smoothie. I feel great and not awful-post-holidays as I usually do. Even my annual Christmas cold only lasted a few days. It seems to keep my blood sugar regulated in the morning until I get to work and eat breakfast.

    So, thank you for all of that. Your blog is inspiring….I love reading it.

    AND, as a fun aside, here is a little thing I wrote for the CU mag….maybe brings back memories.

    xoxo Bristol

  13. Love this, thank you for another inspiring post!

    I just wrote a lovely long reply and it just vaporized. I’ll try and remember what I said…

    First, it’s been an honor to be a small part of your 2011 journey. You are inspiring!

    Second, while I’m pissed I impetuously ran out and bought a crappy juicer, I am so glad I started juicing (thank you for that). My gift to myself for 2012 is a new juicer (as you recommend). I’ve been juicing nearly every day and at least the crappy juicer got me into the swing of it. Our composting worms are very, very happy with all the leftover bits.

    Third, I’m doing the Kim verison of your smoothie every day. I love it and feel great. Even my annual Christmas cold only lasted a couple days. It really helps regulate my blood sugar until I get to work and eat breakfast. I recently added frozen, organic veggies to it (cauliflower and spinach). More veggies!!!! I’m listening!

    Fourth, ah heck, can’t remember #4 but there was one. Oh, wait, tumeric. Love it. Use it every day.

    Again, thank you for all that you do, all your insightful words and ideas.

    I’m including this, a link to a little essay I wrote recently. It might bring back some fun memories

    Happy 2012…xoxxooxo


  14. Thanks for update guys! Lance you’re looking like Leo Decaprio. You ARE king of the world! So sorry about your dad Nance; royal bummer (does he still have that mustang?). Hope to catch up some time soon.

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