Happy Anniversary?

I have never been into anniversary’s. That sounds so un-romantic. I am always aware how many years Lance and I have been married, for example, and secretly psyched when we made it a decade, and kept on going, but I didn’t care about making a big deal about the actual day. I like to celebrate random days, not necessarily THE day.

However, this anniversary is different. It’s significant. It brings mixed emotions. Usually when you say “Happy Anniversary” it’s because that particular day was a celebratory one. A year ago was not celebratory for us. In fact, it sucked. It was hands down the worst day of our lives. I was sitting in ICU thinking all the worst things one could think, crying my eyes out, ridden with shock and sadness.

So when I look at where we are now, I think now that’s something to celebrate! Lately, I’ve been looking at Lance, thinking, “Damn, you look good.” In fact, this past weekend, we were at some hot springs near Winter Park with our friends. We were all coming out of the changing rooms with our swim suits on and both my friend and I took a double take when Lance came out in his bathing suit. He looked fit and strong and healthy and just plain good. My friend said something to me about how Lance looked, I nodded.

And when I think about all that we learned and grew and did and tackled and accomplished in the past year, it makes me beam with pride. We worked hard at getting where Lance is today. We didn’t let anything get in our way…not doctors, not naysayers, not statistics. We just put those aside and tried to be the best students possible. We continued to learn as we went along and added, or subtracted whatever was serving us or not serving us and kept on forging ahead. This included not only nutrition, but meditating, visualizing, resting, learning, learning, and more learning, being conscious in everything we did and being really clear on what we had time for and what we didn’t. It was like the ultimate fine tuning of our lives.

Also, a year is significant because getting to a year in Lance’s case was a big deal and increases his chances all the more. A couple months ago, I started feeling that sense that we were coming up to a year and Lance was doing so good and it made me think of the little engine that could and I kept thinking, “Come on, you can do it.”

While my Dad was in the hospital here in Boulder with his broken leg, I asked him if he would like to see Lance’s last MRI. Since my Dad is a retired radiologist (that specialized in neurology) this whole business with Lance has been a little touchy. I knew without discussing his views that we had very different perspectives on Lance’s condition but he kept his thoughts to himself (thanks Dad, I am eternally grateful to you for that). However, in this bonding father/daughter moment, I showed him Lance’s last MRI and watched him as he stared in quiet disbelief. He really could not believe what he was seeing. Because what he was seeing was practically NOTHING!

We didn’t immediately share Lance’s results on purpose for 2 reasons. 1) We both needed it to sink in and savor it. 2) We don’t want to jinx ourselves and seem cocky (we are still in this game). Basically what was once the size of a racket ball is now the size of a pea (and that could be just dead tissue).

So what we have to celebrate is a successful year of extreme discipline. I don’t think about that day, one year ago, and what it was like. I think about today and how far we have come. I think about how life and every single day should be celebrated, not just that one day. I think about that no matter what you are going through, there is always hope, there is always beating the odds, there is that silver lining. I feel grateful that Lance and I were blessed with that strength and foresight to have the outlook we have had. I hope that no matter what you are going through, whatever adversity you are facing, that you can have the strength to pull yourself out of it. Know that life is constantly changing and if you face your issues head on, with love and openness, before you know it a year has past and you think to yourself (as I do know),”What a difference a year can make!”

Love, love, love,

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    • Happy beyond description at the news! I love the blog and even tried meditating the other day, inspired by Nan. You are both amazing. Nesi

      • Hey Buddy, thanks for the update. Keep meditating it gets easier! Nan was just in LA for the DGAs. A friend was nominated and she got all decked out. Remember those days when getting invites to premieres and award shows was important to us?

    The courage, tenacity, laughter and grace with which you all have walked and shared this path is such a gift!
    Thank you!!!! And let’s celebrate!!!!

  2. Wow. A very eyes-welled, goosebumped, profound WOW.
    Thank u both for the encouragement your year gives all stories and thank you, for the alkaline pee tape idea. Addictive!!!

  3. I read and enjoy every, single blog post. I’m even pleased to share that my family now enjoys kale on a regular basis – that’s HUGE for us! You’ve inspired me to take a closer look at what I makes me whole (my friends, my family, and even my diet). Tears came to my eyes as I read this particular entry. I am beyond THRILLED to learn such encouraging news. Keep doing what you are doing – and raising all boats in the process. You deserve the prosperity you now enjoy. We are all better to have gone through this journey, even at a distance, with you. Truly exceptional!

  4. Hello Nancy and Lance, I was happy to see this anniversary blog because a year ago on Jan 23, as you may remember, a large group of us meditated together. I took some pictures and just a few days ago I thought about sharing them with you. (I am not even sure I shared any of them with you at the time). So instead I compiled a few into a collage to share with all by clicking the link below. I love you, Paolo

  5. Incredible news! We’ve enjoyed your blog and have learned a lot about nutrition (red lentil recipe was delicious and like you guys, we LOVE roasted brussel sprouts) and the importance of good emotional/mental energy but mostly we kept reading hoping for great news about Lance. I’d say this qualifies. We’ll continue to visualize Lance spending time with his future grandkids : )

  6. Nancy ~
    You and Lance have been in my thoughts and prayers all year. You are both truly amazing, and I am inspired by your strength, and your incredible love for life and each other. All the best. xx,D

  7. Hi guys, that’s really great news. I haven’t commented before, but I do read your blog, and I must say that you are both really an inspiration in so many ways. I am so happy to hear the current news, and will continue to keep my fingers crossed for your beautiful family. I think it is just remarkable that you have approached this problem with such courage, and patience, and resolve. Not with anger, or jealousy of those who were healthy. I have learned so much from you both, and am thankful for it. Take care!

  8. You are a lead dog for the rest of us sister. Way to go on getting through what had to be the toughest year of your life.
    Being a statistical anomaly is sometimes really AWESOME. What is also so cool is you guys are all so much stronger from this so maybe neitzsche was right.

  9. Yay! What a beautiful celebration of life and heart you too are! I feel blessed to get glimpses into your journey. Profound and inspiring. Much love!

  10. So glad to hear the great news! I feel like I’ve learned from you both this past year in so many ways. It’s funny how some things you encounter in life make you so much stronger and wiser….I’m glad you had the courage to share those insights and wisdom with us and not keep them bottled up inside or shared only with your core circle of friends and family.

    Here’s to many more “one year anniversaries”!


  11. That is so lovely to read I am so happy that Lance’s MRI is a pea and not racquet ball. I am also happy that he has stopped barefoot running. That barefoot running phase was so corny.

    Lance thanks for being Lance.

    much love,


  12. Awesome!!! Wow. I’m down in Igauzu right next to Brasil and thinking about Lance’s spiritual journeys in South America….not too far away from where I am. I’m SO stoked for you all. Giddyup!

  13. Thank you both for being so consistently inspiring this past year…

    Can’t tell you how thrilled I am to read this update…

  14. Nancy- for us out here reading all that you and Lance are sharing, this has to be one of the best of all time. You SHOULD BE beaming with pride, and it’s so good to read that you are. And… the risk that you and Lance would ever come across as cocky… I don’t think so! Congratulations on a year of so many incredible achievments and results!

  15. Dear Nancy,
    I celebrate you and Lance and getting through the one year mark. Hip hip hooray! I appreciate what you had to say about what a difference a year makes. I’m going thru a low time right now and that was inspirational. I think it takes more than strength but that’s certainly part of it. Life is always teaching us and calling us forth to uncharted waters and callling out the magnificent in us. Lance was close to death and it seems that both of you have been thruough hell and been reborn and that is greatly!!!!! inspirational. So much love to you both. Paula

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  17. OK now eat your pea! Just gobble it up. Gone Gone! Happy Anniversary great minds can do great things. You make me imagine what is possible in me. Thank you for the inspiration and thank you for healing yourself.

  18. I’m so profoundly moved that words can not describe. Thank you for your inspiration. It’s just want I needed to hear today.

  19. Wowwowwow…we are following, admiring, and rooting for you guys from afar…all your posts are amazing but this one deserves a big “woo hoo” back at ya! Lots of love, laughs, and of course, veggies…V

  20. Such a great thing to read. You are both the rock stars that you have always been. And by the way, I’m now obsessed with the alkaline vs. acidity thanks to you. 🙂 Big hugs to you from Luve (looooovay) xoxox

  21. Love you Lance and Nance. You two are healers.
    Thank you for letting me be a part of this process. I have been honored.

  22. I am a pile wet crying goo over that news…I just knew you would get healthy Lance, with your Lioness by your side and a huge helping of faith and determination. Now if I can just get you to dye your hair orange in a mohawk streak and meet me at a pub for a beer (or some healthy substitute,) the vision in my dream of a year ago will come true. It already has :))), the orange is just a visual treat.
    Congratulations. We love you guys !!!!

  23. Hey Nancy and Lance

    It has been quite a while since I have written, but wanted to let you know I enjoy reading your blog. I don’t always keep up, but do take a look back so I can catch up. Very enjoyable, educational, and emotional.

    Lance- I am glad you are doing well. It is inspirational to say the least. You are making your future. Keep it up, and best to you. Next time I make it out to Boulder, I am stopping by whether you like it or not. Actually have a friend that lives three blocks down on Mariposa, and that is where I usually stay.

    Nancy- we have never met, I can only say that Lance got an awesome wife. You rule.

    Well, best to you both, keep it up….

  24. Weepy with joy, and admiration and honor….honored to have witnessed this most amazing journey. Thank you for sharing and letting us in and a BIG YAHOO to health, love, laughing and veggies! xoxo

  25. I can’t tell you how truly happy we are about this news! Talk about the power of people, prayer and being positive! Keep going. WE ARE SO HAPPY.

  26. Huge HUGE happiness from reading this!!! Your discipline, tenacity and strength is something we all can -and have- learned from. I am inspired and invigorated by reading this great news!!! Go team!

  27. WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What BLESSINGS!!!
    What detrmination!
    and what a valuable lesson for us ALL!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you Nancy and Lance for sharing so much of your selves with us.
    I love the recipies..
    I love the lessons
    I love the tips
    love it all
    love you !
    Susan B

  28. I suppose what amazes me more than anything else is how much you two have done in the span of 365 days! Starting out at Caring Bridge and transferring all of your furniture here, your nicely appointed new home, is already much more than I dared to do in my first year. Congratulations on all of it, each perfectly flavored morsel.

  29. Wow! That is such great news Nancy and Lance – we are so happy for the both of you! I truly admire your strength and wisdom. With your compassion and love, you are such an inspiration to all of us – the true boddhisattvas of this world. Peace and blessings to you and your sweet family, xoxox Pito

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  31. Doing the Gentry Happy Dance right now…glad you can’t see it, but would be amazed if you can not FEEL it! Our love to the 4 of you, Cousin Larken

  32. sweet gentle powerful friends who I have never met- I just wanted to let you know I continue to be touched by your willingness to share who you are and what you stand for, so that we can all remember miracles and magic are alive and well for all of us. with love and blessings.

  33. This message began like this in a personal email, to you: Gah! puddle on the front seat of my car while reading this. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo.

    Here is what I want to thank you and acknowledge you for, since that visceral reaction. Thank you for being true. Thank you for being brave in the face of death, sometimes, and sharing your souls. Thank you for saying HELLLLOOOOOO to life and love and living and breathing and hugging and traveling and gushing with awesomeness so that I could feel something super authentic. Thank you for walking the line and listening to your intuitions when they told you to deviate and create this wonderful, beautiful new you (all of you). Thank you for shrinking that tumor down to the size of a pea and not getting lazy after that. Thank you thank you thank you for saying good bye to a crazy year and hello to a life time more.


  34. Ja! This news is just so amazingly wonderful and I’m so happy to hear it!! You’re working so hard, thank you for sharing and teaching the rest of us at the same time (more kale over here too by the way, and that super green food from WF, would never have known about it!:). xoxoxo

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