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People always ask what we are eating. Here is a day in the life of our stomachs. We don’t expect you to do all this but if you do give one thing a try this week (for an entire week), we guarantee you will feel better…see below for our challenge to you!

2 oz wheatgrass (Lance has no problem with WG. Personally, I think a shot of tequila is easier).

7:00AM: 16-20 oz  Smoothie: Organic (always) blueberries (antioxidants), strawberries, plain goat kefir (not sweetened!) (more digestable than cow dairy and phenomenal for gut health, maca powder, Green SuperFood, whey protein powder, flax seeds, hemps seeds and coconut oil…throw it all in the blender and have fun!

ALL DAY: green tea…huge antioxident

9AM: Oatmeal w/ organic blueberries, flax seeds, cinnamon (big anti-inflammatory! INFLAMMATION: the source of so many diseases), and plain goat milk kefir

TIP: (always freshly grind flax seeds…they oxidize quickly…never buy ground flax seeds and always store in fridge).

Mid morning snack: Mulberries, goji berries and nuts (walnuts, brazil (selenium), and almonds (great if you can soak over night first…easy peasy).


LUNCH: Mixed veg, red lentil coconut curry with sauteed spinach and cabbage and roasted cauliflower over brown rice (inspired by Julia Hellerman).

MID-DAY SNACK: VEGGIE JUICE! (YAY!): Kale, chard, broccoli stems, celery, cucumber, green apple, parsley or cilantro, lemon, ginger, turmeric (Also big anti-inflammatory). We find turmeric as a fresh root at Whole Foods so we juice it!


DINNER: Mung beans and brown rice with lots of Indian spices, sauteed shitake mushrooms & spinach w/ cilantro on top (great for digestion) + sauteed kale with gamazio.

LATE NIGHT SNACK: Gluten Free (GF) toast with coconut butter, Justin’s plain almond butter…the best nutbutta around! 🙂 and cinnamon on top!

Our challenge to you:
We are going to challenge you to do one thing. One simple thing for one week.

Pick a day to start on and then for 7 days make a green juice every day (either from a juicer or a vitamix or just go and get a juice at your local health food store if possible). Make with any combination of the above ingredients (you don’t need to go as crazy as we do…and some greens are easier to drink like cucumbers, celery and apple if you are new to this juicy juicing thing).

Green Juice gives you a direct shot of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, protein and oxygen. Also you could never get that many vegetables in your diet in a day. So voila!

Also if we mentioned any foods here that you are wondering what is that? Please ask! We will be happy to answer.

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Love and Laughter,
Lance and Nance

31 thoughts on “Food Diary

  1. I feel the same way about WG as you do Nance! What is the best Gluten Free bread you have found? Nancy- because of eating this way, do you personally fee you have to take any vitamin/mineral supplements (in pill form)?
    Thanks for all the “juicy” information!!
    In Laughter,

    • I have to credit Julia Hellerman (again) for the GF bread we found. We get Sami’s millet and flax seed bread from here:
      And no I don’t not take multi vitamins. Food absorption is better than that of pills. I take Vit. B12 since I am vegetarian and Vit. D.

  2. Okay, I am in the for 7 day challenge! It might not seem like a lot for most of the Love Laugh Veggies readers but to me it is a big deal! Can you please recommend a juicer??? Hopefully, I can use a Bed, Bath & Beyond Coupon! 🙂

    • Get a masticating juicer. The two best are the Omega and the Champion. They are slower than the fast fancier looking ones but far better because they protect the vegetables from heat-generated oxidation and foam. Anything oxidized is not a good thing.
      The extra bonus about the Omega is it juices wheatgrass too!

  3. ok – well…I wish you could make this menu for me, because I would eat it EVERY DAY! I’m happy to say that I do a lot of this already but I would love to add the other things you suggested…just made your red lentil, kale, sweet potato soup tonight – yum. Here are some things I need more info about:
    -Maca powder (what and where to get)
    -Hemp seeds (where to buy)
    -Flax seeds (what to grind in…a coffee grinder?)
    -Gamazio (what is that?)

    Thanks…and yum yum

    • Maca is a powerful enhancer of strength, improves memory, increases oxygen in the blood, improves the function of neurotransmitters and increases libido! You can find it at Whole Foods. They now have a superfood section.
      You can find the hemp seeds in the superfood section too. They are full of protein (especially good for us veg heads) and contain all the essential amino acids and essential fatty acids we need to stay healthy!
      Get flax seeds in bulk b/c you want to use them up quickly (around 1/2lb a week), put in a jar in your fridge. Yes, I use a coffee grinder and grind only what I am going to use that day.
      Gamazio is toasted sesame seeds.

      • Nancy-Silly question…do you have a separate grinder for seeds, etc. I am guessing you don’t want to put coffee in the same grinder and clean it out between uses??
        Thanks for the tip on the grinding…I have done flax seeds in the marble hand spice grinders (can’t remember their name) and they are too chunky and not evenly ground :).

  4. i love you both so much. do green gummy bears + absinthe mixed in count? i will do this for real because i love and respect you guys so much for all your good spirit and hard work and i know it is good for all of us, me included!! (when ted gets home from LA and can help me find/dust-off/plug-in said juicer ). i have other strengths i swear!!

    • Just do it Suzs. I know you can. This one little thing will change things for you. I promise! On another note, on my way back from NY, I sat next to a women’s whose nephew just got a job with Salesforce. Small world.

  5. What if you like both WG and tequila? There must be good benefits to pure Agave plus WG. Maybe a new product, Whequilla. All proceeds to a good cause…

    Looking forward to the curry recipe.


    • It depends on your kids. My kids don’t like any sweets so that includes all fruits (bizarre i know). Amelie will drink straight up green juice just the way we make it but if you want to get Noa into it, I would start with celery, cucumber, apple, a kiwi, 1/2 a lemon, and get crazy and throw one dark green vegetable that she does like and see how it goes. Let me know!
      Also, look into buying the Omega Juicer or the Champion Juicer.

  6. Nancy,

    I love this!!!!! You need to open a cafe…. I would eat there every day! You are on to something big ……..more than just keeping your family super healthy. I look forward to reading ypur blogs..this one, I am going to use for shopping list and duplicate in my day. Thank you so much. Much love to you and your beautiful family. Lance is an incredible guy…I have loved reading his blogs, as well. I hope he doesn’t think I’m a complete dope for I Introducing myself to him the other day……he had that look of ‘who IS this person?!’

    Your life is very rich.


  7. Nancy & Lance,

    I want to thank you for including me on all of your updates over the months… you all have been on quite a journey and it’s incredible to see your positive, fabulous, brave outlook and the love you have for each other…. Brings a big smile to my face every time I see your update….I am so happy Lance, that you’ve gotten through everything over the past year. Amazing. You both are a true inspiration.

    I’ll try to live up to your healthy eating standards one of these days – also very impressive! 🙂

    Hope to see you all sometime very soon. Let me know next time you’re in NYC.

    Lots of love,

  8. You are very convincing….I just went out and bought a juicer, a tractor-load of organic veggies, and a small nation’s GDP worth of superfoods. Stay tuned…. 🙂 xoxo (Lance, spoke to Mel yesterday…don’t you just love Mel?? xoxo)

      • Hey, question on juicing. It’s gone very well for the past three days but tomorrow I’m back at work. How long can a juice sit, after juicing, before you drink it? If I put in the fridge for 3-4 hours will I ruin it? Thx!

        • Yes, that is totally fine! Lance does that too sometimes. We love putting our juice in a mason jar when we go places with it. I actually posted a pic today.

          • Oh good! OK, tomorrow will be carrot, beet, kale, apple and ginger — in a jar! Thx xoxo

        • Good morning, Bristol, juice can sit from morn till mid afternoon or lunch till dinner, no prob. Prob longer. Just shake it up. Im juicing wheatgrass right this early morn second. Love you, Lancelot

          • Lance, hi! I did the jar thing. Worked great! We’ve all been sick so the whole family drinks my concoctions — and I’ve bumped up the lemon and ginger. It seems to kind of preserve it, or not make it go brown and icky. Or something. Anyway, I love it! So does my dog, she eats all the fluff and grindings — exept the lemon and ginger. Those she picks out and leaves all over the kitchen floor xoxoxox!!!!!

  9. Hi Nancy-I LOVE your blog so far! I am looking forward to the recipes…everything looks so yummy. I started juicing this summer and I love all your juice ideas…I was getting bored with what I was using.
    You have inspired me to light a fire under my butt and start cooking more :). I don’t know how you have time to cook such amazing things everyday.
    Also-Have you ever looked at the cafe gratitiude website (I think they are in Berkeley) Their webstore has some fun superfood things and there is a guy with a “juice blog”. I was looking at it and thought of you :).

      • Hey Missie,
        Thanks for the Cafe Gratitude website that you shared with me. I love it! I also got an email from another friend also mentioning the same cafe. I love the concept behind it!

  10. The Red Lentil Coconut Curry is buttery and delicious! Breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’m good until then next inspiring recipe.

    Thanks team.

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