Celebrating Lance: Save the date

I never understood when I heard there was a celebration of someone’s life, how you could be celebrating such a sad occasion. I have never been to one so I have had no experience with memorials. Well now I understand. Lance would not want a bunch of people crying over him. He would much prefer we celebrate, reminisce, laugh, dance and have fun. And I do think he will be there in spirit so I would hate to disappoint! So although there may be some tear jerking moments, come celebrate the man who we all loved and cherished and had such a big impact on so many lives.

Here’s the details:
DATE:               Sunday, October 7th
TIME:                2pm to Sundown. Ceremony starts at 2pm, party to follow.
WHERE:           Planet Bluegrass (in Lyons, 20 min outside of Boulder)
INVITED:           Anyone who knew and loved Lance (please feel free to circulate this post)
KIDS:                Absolutely!
EXPECT:          Music, food & drinks
BRING:             Blankets…for kids to sit on (if you are coming from Boulder area)
RSVP:               RSVP to Roxanna at roxanna.smith@gmail.com. Feel free to comment too.
PLEASE:           Car pool

Looking forward to seeing you in October.


10 thoughts on “Celebrating Lance: Save the date

  1. Wouldn’t miss it for the World! And my hopes, for seeing you before the Fall Beautiful Nance, are growing after our sweet cat today! Yay. I love you. I love Lance!
    And anticipate the celebration of that lovely friend of mine. XOXO

  2. I love that picture of Lance!! Looking forward to celebrating Lance’s life and definitely saving the date. Love you Nanc!

  3. would be sad not to take part -will do all i can to make it!
    i TOO love this photo – lancey – makin’ me smilie!

  4. Dear Nancy,

    Here is a story I wanted to tell you:

    When I was traveling with my teacher many years ago in Spain, we had a ceremony for one of our Sangha members who had recently died. After the ceremony Soen Sa Nim told the man’s widow, “If you always keep Ji Jang Bosal, then you and your husband are never separate.”

    Ji Jang Bosal in the Korean Buddhist tradition is the name of the Bodhisattva who watches over those who have died. “Keeping Ji Jang Bosal” means repeating Ji Jang Bosal as a mantra and, more widely, cutting off all thinking and keeping a heart open to all possibilities. Of course, if you are practicing in a different tradition you can use that tradition’s technique. Then truly you and Lance will never be separate.

    Maybe you know this already, but I wanted to tell you, just in case…

    Much love to all

  5. We will not be able to attend Lance’s celebration Nancy, but we will be remembering him in Lake City during our autumn color tour that weekend. I wanted to tell you how often Lance has been evoked this summer. We think about him, dream about him (he vists us and says not to worry, everything is O.K.) and try to fill the hollow space with stories, laughter and tears. Our thoughts are also with you, Zack and Ami. We love you, miss you and look forward to next July and the stories that we will share. Today is your birthday and I’m wishing you much joy and thanking you for the amazing love you express everyday. Love, Linda

  6. We loved having you all hang out by the pool, jumping off the pool rafts and just being with you and our kids, big and little and your folks and us. So happy that you are going to continue writing…you describe things so beautifully and such emotion. Keep it up and we will keep enjoying your talent and your news.You are doingso remarkably Nance, but I don’t know about the dancing. You encourage all of us to think beyong ourselves. Love to you all , Bernis

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