Raw? No way!

We wanted to thank you for all your wonderful messages you left on our last post. We kept it up for the past couple weeks as we were relishing in your comments. We appreciated them so much and wanted to reply to each and every one but were worried unless you went back to the replies you wouldn’t see them. I realized that another reason for not sharing Lance’s MRI results initially besides the reasons I wrote (jinxing, needing it to sink in and relish it) was that I was worried about diffusing this healing energy that seems to be working. Then I realized,”Wait! They are our healing energy!!” You have completely supported us in so many ways and your love and continued caring has been a big part of all this process. So this is a BIG THANK YOU TO ALL. The cheers all around us makes us feel like we’re Madonna at the Super Bowl!

It’s been awhile since I posted a veggie recipe and I want to make sure you are all eating up your veggies since to me there is no food more important.

Ever since I was in NY last fall, I can’t stop thinking about the Italian man who asked me to be his lover….I mean my raw brussels sprouts salad(!) that I had at a restaurant in the West Village called Frankies. Actually, the Italian guy stopped me on my the way to the restaurant, but he was quickly forgotten when I was served my brussels sprouts! They were delicious and I couldn’t believe I was eating raw brussels sprouts. So when I returned to Boulder, I called the restaurant and did some research and found quite a few raw brussels sprout recipes and since I have been on a brussels sprouts binge all winter, I wanted to get this recipe out before they go out of season. This is combination of several recipes including Frankies in NY.

Shaved Raw Brussels Sprouts with grated cheese, toasted walnuts, lemon and olive oil

This is a quick 10 min preparation recipe that is simply delicious.

  • 1lb brussels sprouts (washed and ends cut off), put in food processor or chop finely
  • 1 cup walnuts (lightly toasted on 300 for about 10-15 min)..oh wait, i guess that makes preparing this a little longer.
  • 1/3 cup finely grated hard cheese like a pecorino, parmigiano-reggiano, castelrosso, or manchego (my preference since it’s a sheep cheese).
  • 1/3 cup of olive oil, potentially more if it seems like it needs it
  • Lemon zest (use a lemon zester)
  • Juice of one lemon
  • Himilayan salt and pepper to taste.
  • Stir it all up. Voila.
  • YUM

Here is a few facts about the nutritional qualities of Brussels Sprouts:

  • They have a high glucosinolate content which means they have special cancer-preventitive components.
  • Brussels sprouts (especially raw) can lower your cholesterol.
  • Brussels sprouts may have unique health benefits in protecting your DNA!

Sending you veggie love,




My two big ahh haas

Over the last year my life has basically completely changed. Among a host of things, I’m trying every day to approach my life from a place of love, laughter (not taking things too seriously), and something I didn’t used to have, discipline. Especially around what I put in my body. I have to approach my eating with the utmost discipline or my next stop could be Good Times Burgers.

Two of my most disciplined practices with what I put in my body, that I believe have added the most to my healing  may sound weird but:

1. Alkalinity: When I started on this adventure my saliva and pee were extremely acidic. How do I know? I bought a roll of this pH tape and I encourage all of you to buy one.

When I licked this tape it was bright yellow 4.5 (bad) now it’s dark green to purple 6.5-7 (good!).

There are many books on alkalinity and my favorite is “Alkalize or Die.” It’s pretty extreme but what it does have is a 30-day diet on how to get alkaline.

There is a reason why almost every single cancer diet is vegetarian. Meat is extremely acidic. The amount of alkaline food you have to eat (kale!) to offset the pH imbalance of a steak is overwhelming. In order to offset a can of Coke you have to drink something like 23 glasses of 9.5 alkalized water or a few shots of wheat grass.

Why are all the diets meat/acid free? The theory is that disease of any kind cannot live in an alkaline environment (pH over 6 or 7). Only acid systems (pH under 6) nurture the right conditions for disease to flourish.

Another book from a completely different discipline that highlights this is The China Study. It’s a huge study done in China of cancer victims and what differentiates them. Basically the study showed that cancer only occurs in regions of China where people eat meat. Scary.

When Nan and I started all of this I would crave meat. I almost never do now (unless its steak tartar). Recently I’ve been craving meat and my nutritionist, Jim, says it’s because I’m too alkaline. I never thought that would happen.

Go get some Enzymedica Tape at Whole Foods (it’s expensive). Start slow. Here is a list of things to avoid and a list of things to load up on. Coffee is a real killer. Please let me know if you try and if you start feeling differently. It’s pretty amazing.

Link to complete alkaline food list

2. Hydration: I was probably one of the most dehydrated people around. I would go a whole day without a single glass of water. At night after dinner I would suddenly get thirsty and down a huge glass of water right before bed. The only water I had that day. It was very strange to Nan that I could do this and not get up at night. How could I? My cells were being starved they wouldn’t let go of a single drop.

The worst was I’d go on long runs (10-12 miles was long for me) and didn’t like carrying a bottle or camel back, so I’d just create massive cell death in my body out of convenience. Nice.

Sorry to talk about pee again, but if your pee is anything but clear or close to clear than you are dehydrated.

Most Americans are in a constant state of dehydration. Dehydration is linked to a number of diseases:  Muscular Dystrophy, Colitis, Diabetes, Depression, Arthritis, Cancer and more.

It contributes to a host of others. Picture a neglected potted plant. That could be you. The only thing I ask you to do is try and drink a glass of water every hour. I can’t do it and I try every day. If you’re lucky you’ll get 8 glasses in you and that’s the minimum you need. In the summer, with exercise, in dry climate, it’s more.

Every morning I wake up and drink a huge glass of water. I don’t like doing it sometimes but it gets my pump primed. Of course Nancy has always been a big water drinker so I just try to take after her on this as I do on most things.

Again I’d love to hear your experiences with dehydration and any attempts to rehydrate. It’s changed my life.

Big Love, Lance

Competition eating at its best!

Since veggies is in our blog name, I figured I better start writing about them! I believe there is nothing more important than vegetables and everyone should be eating 3 big whopping helpings a day (this is a big HINT as to my challenge to you below).

I prepare veggies a lot of different ways: steam, bake, saute, raw. I personally think lightly steaming or raw has absolutely the best nutritional value when eating veggies but since that can get boring, I try to steam once a day, usually eat raw veggies at lunch (like a highly nutritional salad) and get more creative for dinner. My latest obsession is brussels sprouts!!

First I have to preface this to say that I really disliked brussels sprouts as a child and didn’t start embracing them until about 5 years ago. Now the way I prepare them, I can eat them cold, warm and raw! In fact, Amélie and I compete over eating them. I realize I am shoveling them in my mouth (not the best way to eat) because I am afraid she will eat them all. She will say, “But Mom you got a whole one and I only got a half!” I stopped sharing a plate with her because I was feeling threatened!! So now we divvy them up and then we jokingly argue about how many she got on her plate vs me.

So here is a simple but easy way to prepare them:

  • Preheat over to 350 degrees.
  • Cut the ends off brussels sprouts (1lb), and then cut them in 1/2. Put in bowl.
  • Cover them in extra virgin olive oil…not too much, not too little.
  • Juice of a 1/4 of a lemon or more if you like that lemony flavor.
  • Add 2 chopped shallots, 5-6 garlic cloves cut in 1/4’s (so kind of large garlic chunks), sea salt and pepper (you can also add red pepper flakes if you like a little kick).
  • Stir all ingredients up in bowl then spread out in large baking pan.
  • Cook 45 min to 1 hour until they start to slightly brown.
  • Voila! Super simple and easy and delicious!

I will be posting a raw shaved brussels sprouts recipe that I had last month when I was in NY that is to die for. I even called the restaurant for the recipe!

I have a challenge and a question…
Do yourself a favor and up your veggie intake. I could (and probably will) write a whole piece on just how important veggies are (above all else) but try and add veggies to every meal. If you skip your vegetables for one meal, eat extra at your next meal. Lance never ate veggies as a child and in fact many people across the country consider french fries as a vegetable!

Lastly, I would love to hear what your favorite vegetables are and how you prepare them. I always love new ideas!

Love, Laughter and Veggies!