Bc Tenancy Agreement Pets

If a tenant can prove that the owner has given oral consent to the pet, the owner may not impose restrictions on pets or claim that the tenant has violated the conditions that limit pets. In order to begin to enforce the restrictions imposed on pets, the lessor must indicate that the conditions are being met and give the tenant a reasonable period of time to comply with them. VANCOUVER (CityNews) — If you are a dog or cat owner in Vancouver, you know there are fewer rental options for people with pets, but the City of Vancouver`s consulting committee wants that to change. I have lived in the same house for 10 years and I have had a dog all the time. My owners allowed it, and we gave them a $450 deposit. My dog has just died, and my family and I are looking for a new dog. The accepting agency asks my landlord for a letter of authorization. When I asked for it, she told me I couldn`t have a new dog. Is that legal? No, where my rental agreement says something about pets. And I repeat, she still had my pet depot 10 years ago. Hello Nic, thanks for publishing your question. If you would like to speak to someone about pet rentals, please contact the British Columbia Residential Tenancy Branch. Here is the page that gives more information about pets during the rental and at the bottom of the page, there is a link to contact the store.

I hope they can give you more guidance on that. In Ontario, a ban on pet leases is not permitted If you wish to make changes to the lease, all changes must be recorded in the agreement. Vancouver City Councillors Pete Fry and Jean Swanson, on behalf of the commission, are moving a motion Tuesday calling on the mayor to push the province to end the pet clause in leases. “Owners know that people have pets, many pet owners are good tenants, but many are irresponsible. So that`s misguided. Many owners won`t say pets, but if you talk to them, they`ll eventually admit pets,” he says. Hello Ryan – as our blog post suggests, the best place to contact regarding rental issues would be the tenancy residential branch. The article itself has more information and the link to their site, so please read one.

I hope you can solve this problem with your owner! As an owner, you can decide whether or not pets are accepted in your rented property. If you allow pets, it is important that you protect yourself by having a contract with a pet. This pet contract contains nine conditions that cover everything from animal waste and odours to damage and noise. This agreement consists of two formats: a filling-up PDF document and a editable MS Word document. Hello Yvonne, thank you for your question. Although this is not an area on which we have authority, I have dug a little for you on the site of the tenancy resident branch and think I have found an answer. According to this page here, the down payment may not exceed half a month`s rent, regardless of the number of animals admitted. However, I am not sure that this applies to every tenant. There`s a chance you`ll have to pay a deposit for half of what you pay for the rent, but I can`t be sure. If you have any questions about your rental agreement or specific laws on pet rentals in BC, you can contact the British Columbia Residential Tenancy Branch, as they are the experts.