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Some people have advised me to take it slow this year. Sit around and grieve all day? Trust me, I cry enough. Before Lance was sick, I was a life coach for seven years. Back in January 2011, Lance became my sole subject, my passion, my everything. Now I am ready to return to work, I’m inspired and I’m on a mission. My mission is not only to encourage people to eat more healthy but to live their lives more healthily: body, mind, spirit.  I want to share my knowledge (which I will continue to do so on this blog) of the many many different lessons Lance and I learned throughout his illness but I am ready to do this one on one as well. Throughout this process, I realized my true passion is helping people change their lives for the better.

I have some strong opinions and convictions of why this happened to Lance. I believe illness is a combination of a perfect storm, habits that are not serving one both physically and mentally. Lance believed this too. There are too many illnesses out there, cancer raising exponentially over the decades, and what about auto-immune diseases? They seem rampant.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL. I feel equally if not even more passionate about how people are living their lives NOT just what they are putting in their bodies. My mission is to help you live your life the best you can every single day, right NOW!

Some people start a foundation to raise awareness towards the illness that took their loved one. For me, the best way I see of honoring Lance, is sharing what I’ve learned in order to raise awareness on a healthy lifestyle. I want to help you change. It takes EFFORT to have a balanced life, to eat healthy, to live your life in the most fulfilling way…But guess what? You have me! Someone to be accountable to, to champion you, to give you the occasional kick in the pants and of course love and compassion along the way.

So this is to say, I am officially back in business although it will be much more focused on health, wellness and life choices.  I will listen, motivate, and encourage you to change. Everyone has heard the expression “if you had a year to live…” but the truth is we are closer to our death every single day even if we are lucky enough to live to be 80. So my message is CHANGE NOW!

While I don’t have an official website yet, if you are interested, please contact me at and as always please post words of encouragement on the blog.

“A year from now you will have wished you started today” –Karen Lamb

Love and health,
PS: I wanted to share my first published article in Elephant Journal and stay tuned for videos coming in the near future.




25 thoughts on “Back in business

  1. I LOVE You Nancy.. and I LOVE your blog, and your style of writing
    It is honest, warm, charming, and full of hope, light and life.. and its clear and easy to read… I think that you have a audience beyond your friends and family but I think that your writing speaks to everyone regardless of weather they know you or not…and on top of that encouraging people to be their best in mind body and spirit with out sounding preachy is a skill that you have naturally…so forward ho!
    lots of Love

  2. That’s great news! I think you have a tremendous amount to share. That will be a very fitting tribute to Lance, and hopefully healing for you, being able to do meaningful work that you’re passionate about. Best of luck in your new (renewed) venture.

  3. Thank you Nancy, I was about to have a burger (hey, grass fed!) for lunch but opted for Samovar after I read your post. Great to hear you’re back in business. Thinking of you.
    Xo Anna

  4. Nancy
    Many blessings to you on this next chapter.
    There are many many people that need your help.
    I look forward to witnessing great success for you and the family.
    Please consider me an advocate for your work.

  5. Go Nancy! People do need this and are really ready for it.
    I think they are sick and tired of being sick and tired.
    You’ll be very busy so get ready……

  6. Add to cancer and autoimmune rates there has been a real uptick in general illnesses. The fear is the stomach virus has gone to respiratory transmission..both noro and rotavirus. There’s a wing dinger of a norovirus outbreak here in Boulder right now. Why is this? Why is all of this? What also popped into my mind is you have the real ability to help not only us humans but our pets too. Dogs are the canaries in the coal mine. The incidence of autoimmune and cancer rates in young dogs (young to be emphasized) has skyrocketed over the last couple of years. They may be here as man’s best friend in more ways than we previously thought.
    Point being we all need you Nance!

  7. Sister… I agree with Susan Brown…! You have so much to share and it should be shared and I encourage you to step right into your evolved calling here mama. Life coach and perhaps Life Transition coach… Life Affirmation coach… I don’t know, but I know that I’m IN! And will help and support you all that I can and make referrals and very soon… when employment comes again… I’m calling to hire you! xox

  8. Nancy,
    I really enjoy reading everything you write!! I wish you luck with everything you do! Take care and thank you for always keeping us posted! 🙂

  9. I’m so happy to hear this. It’s a true talent that you have. In fact, a gift to many of us. Please, follow your passion! I agree with Christine above. I offer support, referrals and hopefully have you coach me some time. Congratulations! Please keep me on your list! Best wishes, Nancy.

  10. Nancy,
    This is awesome to hear. I love hearing your excitement, passion, and genuineness in this post. I think your presence alone is inspiration to be a more honest and true human being–you set a great example.

  11. Nancy, you have been my life coach through our 8 years of friendship. I would not be where I am today without you and your coaching! You have guided me through some of the toughest years of my life. I know that you will be successful in your next journey. Your clients will be blessed to have you as their life coach!

  12. It’s Danette Stuckey. I just want to say that I think of you often.
    We have been out of town on many of your gatherings, I’m sad for
    everything you have been through!
    I always look forward to seeing your name come up on my emails
    and reading all of your amazing stories. You are a truly powerful woman!
    Our hearts go out to you and even more now that you are pouring out your
    own heart-aches turned to strength, to help strengthen others. You really
    are amazing!
    Thanks for being a true testimonial to the durability of spirit and turning
    pain into power! You are an inspiration to us all!
    Keep it flowing in a circle so you keep filled up.
    Hope to see you and very best to you and your beautiful family,
    xx Danette

  13. I have friends who don’t know you, but read your blogs. This seems like a perfect move for you. Best of luck. We’ll stay in touch. Lynn

  14. Dear Nancy,
    My name is Paola, I’ve started reading your blog months ago, thanks to Gil and Manuela that told me about it.
    Since then I’ve started to wish that my life could change, and maybe it’s already changed a little bit. You are so ispiring, and I’m deeply greatfull that you’ll keep on sharing this incredible gift that you have. I live in NY, but i wish I could live in Colorado just to have you as my coach!
    Much love

    • Hi Paolo,
      Thank you for your above comments. I always love hearing from people I’ve never met. I absolutely do coach long distance. In fact 95% of my clients are over the phone. I guess I should have mentioned that! I will send you my number thorough email.
      Look forward to speaking to you,

  15. Hi Nance – I’m sure you will continue to enlighten many lives with the business. I would be happy to be a reference! And that video was excellent. Lance was really such a stud. Hope you have a great day..

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