A Midsummer Update

I felt compelled to give an update mostly because I know it’s been pretty quiet on our side and I’ve realized lately when I run into people that they are wondering how Lance is doing and are sometimes tentative about whether they should ask. My mom always had a saying when I was growing up (still does actually) that no news is good news. So on that note, DITTO. Lance continues to be not only SUPER HUMAN but A SUPER HUMAN BEING. I am in constant awe of him. Anyone who has been following this website is pretty well informed about his diet and disciplined routine. What I don’t mention much is he is also working and has been on 3 business trips in the past few months and somehow turns them into not only a success but a spiritual experience. I tell him often (even though it can bring tears to his eyes) that he amazes me. That he has been so strong physically and mentally and so brave and has been so open to learn so much so quickly and eat all the things I make for him (remember this is a guy who grew up on fast food) and has been through so much in the past 6 months (to which he always replies something like, “It’s no big deal” or “I haven’t done that much” or “Other people have it much harder.” ). He is humble and gracious and just plain amazing. He even leaves me little notes sometimes around the house of little things I do that used to bug him that now say, “This doesn’t bother me at all” (like my lotion bottle upside down in his sink). When he walks though the door at the end of the day, I feel happy and joyous and as if I am looking at someone that I am not only learning from but growing with in ways I never knew we could.

So what have we been doing? We had a wonderful trip to a lake in Michigan (not Lake Michigan) that was simplicity at its best. We unplugged, went barefoot, had campfires and frolicked in the water for 10 days with Lance’s wonderful Aunt Nancy (Nancy Gentry #1 we call her) and her five children and all their children that in all make up some kind of fairy tale version of family…just fun loving people who love to have simple summer fun with each other. It is my kids interpretation of heaven (and actually Lance’s and mine too).  We also had a visit from my sister Lisa. The kids love having Auntie Lisa around. She makes very creative outfits out of giant palms leaves that have fallen off my house plant. Amelie turns 7 this weekend, Lance and I celebrate 11 years of being married next week and then next weekend we leave for Hawaii!
One last thing, my birthday is coming up (August 3rd to be exact) and I am not only saying this because I love any opportunity to remind people (the Leo in me) but more because if I had one extra wish (I already have my #1) it would be for us to remain in your thoughts and prayers and to continue to visualize Lance as an old man.
Hope you are all enjoying your summer.

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