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Lance and I are not sports fans. We have no idea what team is which sport be it basketball, football, baseball, hockey or soccer…okay I know 3 teams: Man United (random i know), 49er’s and The Knicks. But ask us any other team, Rangers, Giants, whatever and Lance and I look at each other totally clueless. I bring this up because one of my big realizations this year is how much team work means. I was thinking about all this because after Lance’s super awesome last post (especially the last line about ME…ahem..), I’ve felt super intimidated to write anything! And then I realized (with great relief), I don’t have to be the spiritual sage that my other half is. He can do that! Lance reads to me in bed often at night (be it Thomas Keating, or Joel Goldsmith, or Rachel Remen or the Bible or Ulysses (it’s clear here who the intellectual half is) and then I impart all my nutritional wisdom on him. I coach him through tough times and we cheer each other on whether it’s getting up early to meditate, juice, be focused, stay on our path, make sage decisions, or any of the many choices we face on a daily basis.

I bring all this up cause this team (Lance and Nance) is starting this blog and moving away from CaringBridge. This all started because a couple weeks ago, I really put myself out there and made a video of myself for a contest I entered to win a ticket to a women’s entrepreuneral event in NY (Lance is telling me to post the link, I am ever so slightly hesitant). I didn’t win (boo-boo) but am still going (yay! I leave tomorrow!) but really it was an exercise for me to get clear on something that has been bubbling inside me these past few months. Over the year we have had people ask us, “What are you eating?” “What are you reading?” “Can you give me some recipes?” “What’s your routine like?” A few people have mentioned our CB website read more like a blog and a few people have encouraged us to start one. What will it be about exactly? Well, it is something that is going to evolve, I imagine. But it looks something like this: be healthy NOW, eat well NOW, take care of your body, mind and spirit NOW, make choices on what you need in your life and what you don’t NOW, Laugh MORE, Love MORE and EAT your g**damn veggies NOW!  There is so much that we ALL can do to take better care of ourselves before DiS-EASE strikes and we are going to motivate you to do it NOW!

We also both like the idea of moving away from CaringBridge and having you follow us here where there can be more of a dialog and being the opportunist (and optimist) that I am that’s 1000 people reading and participating on this site! It’s also a symbolic move, for sure, one that is full of LOVE, LAUGH(TER) & VEGGIES. Please post comments here rather than on CB.

Oh and one last thing, Lance is AWESOME!
PS: Lance is a reluctant blogger (is it not cool or something?) and is worried about this sounding egotistical and we really want this to be more of an interactive thing. We want to be provocative and have it be more of a two way street than CB has been.

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  1. LOVE YOU GUYS- and Lance- get over the ego thing- this is awesome!!
    Nancy -have a great time in NY- send me a text or two.
    Keep on Laughing!

  2. Nancygirl… this makes so much sense to me. I was thinking what everyone has been thinking, asking, saying too, so… I can’t wait until you have the time to share what you want to share. That said, I’m happy to hear you’re in NY this weekend and I’m sure you’re busy as heck, but I’d love to give you a hug… if only. Sending love, love & veggie love too! xox Christine

  3. I love this idea…what a gift to the collective wisdom of your community…and a venerable display of bravery and generosity…high five

  4. Yay! Go Team Gentry! Nancy, have a fabulous trip to New York and Lance, enjoy holding down the fort…Love to you both looking forward to this conversation!

  5. Yea to your blog! Yea to Lance and Nance uniting on this creative endeavor! Yea to veggies, laughter, and sex – whoops! I mean love! Woo hoo!!! Can’t wait to follow you along and get recipes, see pics, and share in your health and happiness. Lots of love to the whole Gentry clan…xo

  6. Hooray! I love the idea of a blog where we can dialog. You two have such a huge wealth of knowledge and love to share – I’m excited for this next phase of your sharing with us!
    Love and light,

  7. Hello You Two lovely people. It is Jeannine here and I have been so moved by you both and touched that I have been privy to your thoughts and strengths and weaknesses. thank you for that. I love your new web-site/blog site(whatever it is called!) It is a nice segway to a new communication.
    I loved seeing you both at KC and Derek’s. You both look radiant.
    i send you a huge hug and look forward to seeing you both again soon.


  8. I love the look of this blog! Aesthetics are important. They make you feel a certain way and I feel good looking at these photos and reading Nancy and Lance’s words. I love, laugh AND eat my veggies, but I sure could use more of all of those things! I look forward to recipes and ideas for a more present life. Lots of love to you all!

  9. it’s all been said before me on this page and so well. SO i’ll leave it at ditto, good work and much love to all.

  10. Every time I read a post or message by either of you, it makes my day. Sometimes I smile, sometimes I cry, but in any event, I feel relaxed as I have been treated to a bit of information or an insight that I will hold onto and cherish. Thanks for sharing.

    Nancy, have a blast in NY. -Mike

    PS Devon made awesome kale (sic) tonight!

    • Thanks so much Puffy (Lance told me to call you this). Kale it is! Have you ever had kale chips? Get Dino Kale, break into pieces, and rub with olive oil and sprinkle with a little bit of Himalayan salt, put on a cookie sheet and bake at 350 for 15-20 min…until they get crispy. Kids love ’em! Get Devon right on that!

      • Devon? Kale? I never thought I would see those two names in the same sentence! I am making kale chips immediately for my family….thinking of you in new york (remember when i visited you in ny and all i did was sleep?) miss you and love to all

      • Nancy, we made the Kale chips for the kids, they loved them! Thanks for the great tip. Cole is anti-veggie so getting him to eat anything like this is amazing. Thanks for sharing!

        • That is so great! Have you tried roasting cauliflower for your kids? Break into small pieces, add olive oil, garlic, shallots, thyme and salt, stir up in a mixing bowl and put on a cookie sheet and bake at 400 until crispy.

  11. Hooray for your blog! Nance, I recently shared your video and some of the Caring Bridge entries with my editorial colleagues at the small (but mighty!) publishing house where I toil away my days here in Seattle, and our publisher immediately told me to keep an eye on you, so consider yourself warned…meanwhile, have a wonderful time in NYC.

  12. This is perfect. I love it that you are expressing the new yous and your ever new lives on your own blog. Hoooooraaaaaay! You are blessing us all and we send those to you with all of our hearts.

  13. Great idea, Nancy, and you’re perfect for it! We’re loving, laughing and eating our veggies over here. But, we’re always learning more. Have a great trip to NYC, and let’s catch up soon. Lynn

  14. Enjoy NYC…get inspired, and then infuse this blog w/fabulous Gentryisms!
    Oh BTW, don’t wait…please post that fabulous granola recipe…NOW! 🙂
    Love you 2!

  15. Hey guys I am jealous of you both as I WANT TO BE A BLOGGER TOO !! as someone who was Facebook Phobic , its a way out there concept that I would like to do and have been planning to do for the last few months BUT what am I going to say ? what am I going to call it ? hmmmmm . I am thinking about it . Thanks for letting us be a part of your beautiful blog. xx Melissa

  16. You two are awesome, inspirational, and bring a smile every time I read a post. You are the ultimate teachers in positive thinking, attitude, and love life. I think about you both all the time!

  17. I absolutely LOVE this. It is the very best. I want to cook in tandem with you guys! I love your wellness attitude. I am getting excited just typing about it.
    Nance, I am in the city Saturday night. Let me know if you have time!! Or any other time during your visit, I would love to see you you you.

  18. Love, Laugh, Veggies! What could be better? Bring it on Nanc! Not to put on the pressure but I would love a weekly theme/thought/advice on how I/we/my family can increase our Love, Laugh and Veggies! Love you Nanc! Have a great trip….you deserve it.

  19. Nancy, Way to go girl. I am so impressed that you were inspired to get this site up! Keep dreaming and lauging and loving…. and eating those veggies! And stay inspired!!

  20. Mike you took the words I was searching for right out of my texting finger. I look forward to BOTH Nancy and Lance’s posts whereever u choose to share them w us privledged folk. Your writing, calm, positive, energy fuels my soul (which is a tough thing to do these days, but hey it’s not about me). Thank you for that. You both r an incredible inspiration for love and life.

  21. Ooh…that soup looks so yummy and will totally fit in with the cleanse I am on. This whole website you got going on is so informative and inspiring in so many ways. I am in the market for a juicer…vitamix is the one I think? Also, your homepage is wonderful. That picture of the heart-shaped tomato is almost as beautiful as the picture of you Nancy 😉

    • Thank you sweet Tiff! So a juicer and a Vitamix are different. I recommend the Omega Juicer. You get more juice out of your veggies with the Omega than those fancy looking fast ones. Plus they are easy to clean! Vitamix is a whole other animal. Although it’s not impossible to make juices from them, they just keep the fiber in your juice which may sound good but makes it harder on your body to digest and get those vital nutrients absorbed!

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