Calling on your collective prayer

Lance looked at me the other day and said, “I think these past couple weeks have been the hardest of all.” That was no exaggeration. If we had a swimming pool it would have been filled with our tears. Without going into too much detail, since we returned from Puerto Rico, Lance hasn’t been feeling that great. As a couple, we have had to endure some of the most emotionally draining conversations imaginable…ones that some day I hope to encourage all couples to have now and not at a more difficult time in your life. I know one couple that has these conversations all the time and I used to think to myself, “That’s so strange.” But they were definitely onto something. But I will have to share those at another time because right now it’s too painful. This path is not for the faint of heart.

So my purpose of writing this, is to ask for your collective prayers. I met with a woman last week who was a retired pastor. I said, “How do you pray?” I asked for myself as well as for others because I know for some it’s not natural or just the word “prayer” does not resonate with them. She said praying can be deep breathing, lighting a candle, it can be drumming, dancing, singing, it can be being in nature, running along the beach…it’s just about being in your heart. So for all of you, who know and love Lance please pray for him in whatever way that has meaning for you. As I write this, I am looking at his sweet sleeping face and thinking where is my magic fairy dust to make all of this go away? Well I don’t have any magic dust but we do have an amazing community of friends that I am calling on to send love, prayers, thoughts & light to our man.

Every time I talk to my dad on the phone he says, “I’m looking at your picture right now.” I know the picture well. Probably his proudest moment as a photographer. The irony is not lost on me that I am probably the same age as my daughter is now…around 7 years old, running in front of a water fountain in San Francisco…everything is blurry except me running in mid air and I am perfectly in focus with a big smile on my face…not a care in the world. Can’t help but think, sure would be nice to be that little girl right now.

With love from both of us,



I’ve had a lifelong fear of flying. It’s never prevented me from going anywhere but I am not saying I haven’t grabbed (or rather dug my nails) into the passengers arm next to me (okay usually Lance, sometimes Roxanna) during some scary turbulence. I sat next to a pilot on one of my flights back from Puerto Rico (poor him, yay for me) and quizzed him on everything from wind sheer to lightening to what the heck happened on that Air France flight from Brazil (I am like Rain Man with plane accidents). Then I asked him about his diet (as he pulled out  a baggie full of candy) and I told him he ate like crap. I think it was an enlightening experience for both of us….if I do say so myself.

But what it really got me to thinking about (something I have pondered a lot this year) is fear. I have spent a lot of energy of being afraid of flying and yet I’ve flown 100’s of flights and I’m still here. It’s the things that I never feared that have happened. I certainly wasn’t fearing a brain tumor. And since Lance was diagnosed I have had fewer fears than I have had in my life. I realized what a waste of energy those fears have been. Lots of expended energy and not a whole lot of return. I have really tried over this past year and a half to have trust in our process but be grateful for each day, knowing that fear is a head thing and that if I lead from my heart that the fear diminishes. I am not saying I am some master at this. I’M NOT. I just practice this daily because well, frankly I have to.

In fact these past couple months fear came up in a big way again. And I just wanted to yell “Go away! You are not helping the situation!” But then it was still there. And at times it’s been overwhelming, even paralyzing. Lately though, I’ve felt this feeling of moving beyond it again and I wanted to share what has been helping. One has been my continued meditation practice (ah yes, any chance I get I will encourage you to meditate…the cure for almost everything).

I would wake up with that dreaded feeling and drag myself out of bed and sit my tush on my cushion and slowly it would melt away. And meditating always helps me be present and then I realize when I’m in the moment, I am not afraid. So why waste my energy on fear? The pilot brought up a good point that fearful flyers are always anticipating for the big moment when the plane looses control. Ahh, that would be me!! But that’s not being in the moment now is it? I loved that pilot so much, that I gave him a list of books, movies, and food suggestions to help him change his and his family’s diet. 🙂

So recently I feel calm, knowing that we (Lance and I) have today and that’s all any of us know. It gives me a reprieve and makes me grateful for this day.

Doing my best to fear less,

Just a cute little picture of my family being in the moment...


Island of angels

I’m back in Boulder. Lance stayed a little longer to be fawned over by all sorts of real live angels. Seriously I have never met a place with more concentrated heart centered, caring people in my life. Just good good people…angels with feet (pictures below)…

Coe, just one cool lady with a heart of gold

So I am just wondering how am I going to implement all this knowledge I learned? We learned a lot about food down there and a part of me is wanting to step up this nutrition thing a notch and another part of me just wants to take a big deep breath. I learned a lot about enzymes (among other things) which I am going to share in a post to come but I kind of need a big green house to grow all this stuff and not so sure Lance is up to building me one. I do know Lance is so sick of eating that energy soup that I’ve gotta wait a week before serving that ;). And btw, although I know it didn’t exactly look appealing, there are ways to make it quiet tasty!

Pamela who makes colonics a spiritual experience

6AM yoga with Caroline. Caroline taught us many things. She moved to PR with her 3 kids and husband b/c she is so passionate about this way of eating, living and breathing.

So when I get overwhelmed I just come back to…a little of this, a little of that…a little at a time and before I know it, I got all sorts of new things going on…both in life and in the food department. So while I throw a lot of stuff at you, trying to encourage you to do these things that we do, I also want to reiterate to just pick one or two at a time and when you’ve got that mastered than pick up another one or two.


I am not just talking about food either. I am talking about making these changes that will ultimately change your life for the better.

Leslie from Puerto Rico BFF.

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am when someone says to me that they are being more present in their marriage, or or they are meditating for 10 minutes a day, or even some people who said they have been inspired to downsize and simplify their lives. It’s like the ultimate reward for me to hear these stories.

So thank you for sharing with us the changes you have made. Please keep them coming! It’s working towards a healthy, happier, more peaceful life that is our ultimate goal for you. One change at a time.

Day of "after the cleanse" photo




Okay now off to plant some sunflower sprouts.

Love, love, love,




Wonderful wheatgrass

Wheatgrass. I know what you all are thinking! I did too. In fact, even though I have been growing it all year, I confess I was not drinking it. Well here in Puerto Rico I am living, eating, breathing wheatgrass and am actually starting to like it (I even rub the juice all over my face). There are incredible benefits to WG..which I will share in a sec.

But before I loose you because the thought of wheatgrass makes you sick, I want to tell you a little story. Lance got in a car accident a few days before coming here. It was kind of a freak accident, a major malfunction of the car, the air bags went off and our car got totaled (but that’s not the story I wanted to tell you). He had these open wounds on his hands from the airbags and they were not healing and here at our little educational institute, they tell you to put wheat grass on everything. So I put some on his open wounds, and in a few hours they were practically healed. I swear!! It was like voodoo. We were both in shock.

Cut too Lance and Nance drinking wheatgrass like there’s no tomorrow…

OK now that you are all running out and getting your wheatgrass…let me tell you a few tips:

I know my facial expression isn't exactly screaming "delicious" but really it's not that bad!

1) The best thing I learned about WG to make it easier to swallow is this: Do not shoot the WG straight back like a tequila shot. Keep it in your mouth and mix with your salvia for at least 30 seconds. Now I know this might sound unbearable to some of you but try it! This breaks down the enzymes (enzymes are my new best friend!) and makes the taste much milder and way easier to swallow. So much easier than shooting it back and burping WG all day.

2) Start with a 1/2 ounce to 1 ounce and you can work yourself up to 1 1/2 to 2 ounces…a little goes a long way.  We are doing a lot here but it really only takes a little to reap all the benefits.

3) Among the many benefits of WG, I am going to list a few that stand out:

  • The enzymes from WG (post is to come about how important enzymes are) and the amino acids can protect us from carcinogens like no other food or medicine!!
  • WG juice is 70% chlorophyll (see past post on cholophyll for all the amazing benefits) but here are a few more:
  • Chlorophyll (WG) rebuilds the bloodstream
  • Liquid chlorophyll gets into the tissues and helps them to become alkaline
  • Science has proven that chlorophyll stops the growth of unfriendly bacteria
  • Chlorophyll neutralizes toxins in the body, helps balance the liver, improves blood sugar problems, improves digestion, can reduce high blood pressure, removes heavy metals and can eliminate constipation and if that didn’t convince you, it also keeps hair from greying!!
  • It is oxygen-rich. The brain and all body tissues function at an optimal level in a highly oxygenated environment.

Every morning we wake up to these bags of WG with our names on it. This is how much we drink in a day here in PR (this is a lot more than 1-2oz!) If you had told me this is how much WG I was going to be doing, I might not have come.

So listen, If I can do it, you can do it! Remember this is your body, your health, your life! I am not saying do this every day but give it a try…do it for one week out of every month. What do you have to loose? I can promise you this is better than 95% of the things you are putting in your body.


Love and sprouts in Puerto Rico

Lance and I are eating a lot of sprouts in Puerto Rico at the moment. We are at the Ann Wigmore Institute: a grass roots, super intimate, wheat grass juicing, live foods type of place (based on the much fancier Hippocrates Institute near Palm Beach). I considered Puerto Rico fairly close until it ended up taking 3 planes and 14 hours to get here, ending in a beautiful flight across the island on a tiny 8 person plane. I had to make sure to get to know every one of the passengers before take off in case we were all going to die together. They thought I was being funny but I was actually serious. They turned out to be some groovy Puerto Ricans and we laughed the whole way to the west of the island. We landed safely 🙂 and I was thrilled to be in this luscious, humid place.

What has really drawn me to this place, is not only does it remind both Lance and I of our travels pre-kids (in India and other parts of Asia) but the people are so incredibly genuine, nurturing, loving, supportive and so extremely passionate about what they are doing!! Between the live foods diet (meaning nothing is cooked and everything is either sprouted, soaked, blended, or fermented), and the juicing, it is super educational as we attend classes on everything from wheat grass, to sprouting, to digestion, food combining, fermenting, composting, sugars, starches, dry skin brushing to more than I ever wanted to know about the colon. Every single thing we eat is grown right here.

82 year old Leola. Lance's new girlfriend.

What I love about this place, is even though they are teaching this “live foods” diet, they are constantly reminding you of the importance of taking care of yourself: body, mind and spirit. That is right up my alley! In all these classes they are always genuinely mentioning that more important than even the food (which is what they are all about) is love: loving yourself, loving each other, love, love, love. These people are all heart. There is the sweetest and smiliest woman here who is 82 and has been apart of the institute since 1990 and says she is “having more fun than she has ever had in her life.”

Energy Soup. 80% sprouts..breakfast, lunch, dinner

We are doing a cleanse for the next 3 days (“energy soup”). I confess I have never done a cleanse. In fact I am thinking I am horrible at it and we haven’t even started. I don’t like to be hungry and so all day today I have been sneaking extra food every chance I get. It’s like I wanted to store up before the big hibernation. (I know it’s not that long of a cleanse but it is to me!).

I am going to post one or two more times this week with more pics and stories in case you want to check out the blog again this week. I won’t send out a mass email. Oh and please comment on the blog instead of replying to my email. Lance doesn’t like me to crowd his inbox with emails but loves reading your comments.

Oh and forget HBT, we are HBE here in P.R. (that would be eight not eleven).

Love, love, love,