Red lentil curry coconut soup

I know this has nothing to do with the red lentil curry coconut recipe you have been asking for but I just couldn’t resist! Who knew that psychedelics came in the form of cauliflower?Also for anyone who doesn’t think cauliflower is nutritious, it is a cruciferous vegetable which includes broccoli, kale, collard greens, brussel sprouts and cabbage…full of health-promoting nutrients! So eat up people!

Okay now for the red lentil curry coconut recipe but first I have to credit my incredible foody friend Julia Hellerman for this recipe. Here is her blog:


  • Chop and saute 1 onion, 1-2 stalks of celery, 1 large carrot, chopped kale stems in extra virgin olive oil on low heat.
  • Add 6-8 cups water or that homemade veggie broth you made 🙂 and 2 Cups Red Lentils (rinse lentils first).
  • Add fresh grated ginger and turmeric (1-2tsps), any kind of curry blend or if you have any of the following spices (coriander, curry powder, graham masala) or all of them.
  • Bring to a boil, simmer for 30-45 min, or to desired tenderness of lentils, add a can of coconut, and some fresh lime juice.
  • Saute separately some cabbage and spinach in garlic and add to soup. Salt to taste.
  • Make some brown rice on the side and combine.

Last day of the juicing challenge! Thank you for those of you who let me know you were inspired. Here was our juice today.

Also this is not going to be just a food blog…Lance is posting later on this week.

And after…

Food Diary

People always ask what we are eating. Here is a day in the life of our stomachs. We don’t expect you to do all this but if you do give one thing a try this week (for an entire week), we guarantee you will feel better…see below for our challenge to you!

2 oz wheatgrass (Lance has no problem with WG. Personally, I think a shot of tequila is easier).

7:00AM: 16-20 oz  Smoothie: Organic (always) blueberries (antioxidants), strawberries, plain goat kefir (not sweetened!) (more digestable than cow dairy and phenomenal for gut health, maca powder, Green SuperFood, whey protein powder, flax seeds, hemps seeds and coconut oil…throw it all in the blender and have fun!

ALL DAY: green tea…huge antioxident

9AM: Oatmeal w/ organic blueberries, flax seeds, cinnamon (big anti-inflammatory! INFLAMMATION: the source of so many diseases), and plain goat milk kefir

TIP: (always freshly grind flax seeds…they oxidize quickly…never buy ground flax seeds and always store in fridge).

Mid morning snack: Mulberries, goji berries and nuts (walnuts, brazil (selenium), and almonds (great if you can soak over night first…easy peasy).


LUNCH: Mixed veg, red lentil coconut curry with sauteed spinach and cabbage and roasted cauliflower over brown rice (inspired by Julia Hellerman).

MID-DAY SNACK: VEGGIE JUICE! (YAY!): Kale, chard, broccoli stems, celery, cucumber, green apple, parsley or cilantro, lemon, ginger, turmeric (Also big anti-inflammatory). We find turmeric as a fresh root at Whole Foods so we juice it!


DINNER: Mung beans and brown rice with lots of Indian spices, sauteed shitake mushrooms & spinach w/ cilantro on top (great for digestion) + sauteed kale with gamazio.

LATE NIGHT SNACK: Gluten Free (GF) toast with coconut butter, Justin’s plain almond butter…the best nutbutta around! 🙂 and cinnamon on top!

Our challenge to you:
We are going to challenge you to do one thing. One simple thing for one week.

Pick a day to start on and then for 7 days make a green juice every day (either from a juicer or a vitamix or just go and get a juice at your local health food store if possible). Make with any combination of the above ingredients (you don’t need to go as crazy as we do…and some greens are easier to drink like cucumbers, celery and apple if you are new to this juicy juicing thing).

Green Juice gives you a direct shot of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, protein and oxygen. Also you could never get that many vegetables in your diet in a day. So voila!

Also if we mentioned any foods here that you are wondering what is that? Please ask! We will be happy to answer.

Lastly, if you are interested in getting updates from our blog please subscribe at the top right and you will get notifications when we post.

Love and Laughter,
Lance and Nance

Team Gentry

Lance and I are not sports fans. We have no idea what team is which sport be it basketball, football, baseball, hockey or soccer…okay I know 3 teams: Man United (random i know), 49er’s and The Knicks. But ask us any other team, Rangers, Giants, whatever and Lance and I look at each other totally clueless. I bring this up because one of my big realizations this year is how much team work means. I was thinking about all this because after Lance’s super awesome last post (especially the last line about ME…ahem..), I’ve felt super intimidated to write anything! And then I realized (with great relief), I don’t have to be the spiritual sage that my other half is. He can do that! Lance reads to me in bed often at night (be it Thomas Keating, or Joel Goldsmith, or Rachel Remen or the Bible or Ulysses (it’s clear here who the intellectual half is) and then I impart all my nutritional wisdom on him. I coach him through tough times and we cheer each other on whether it’s getting up early to meditate, juice, be focused, stay on our path, make sage decisions, or any of the many choices we face on a daily basis.

I bring all this up cause this team (Lance and Nance) is starting this blog and moving away from CaringBridge. This all started because a couple weeks ago, I really put myself out there and made a video of myself for a contest I entered to win a ticket to a women’s entrepreuneral event in NY (Lance is telling me to post the link, I am ever so slightly hesitant). I didn’t win (boo-boo) but am still going (yay! I leave tomorrow!) but really it was an exercise for me to get clear on something that has been bubbling inside me these past few months. Over the year we have had people ask us, “What are you eating?” “What are you reading?” “Can you give me some recipes?” “What’s your routine like?” A few people have mentioned our CB website read more like a blog and a few people have encouraged us to start one. What will it be about exactly? Well, it is something that is going to evolve, I imagine. But it looks something like this: be healthy NOW, eat well NOW, take care of your body, mind and spirit NOW, make choices on what you need in your life and what you don’t NOW, Laugh MORE, Love MORE and EAT your g**damn veggies NOW!  There is so much that we ALL can do to take better care of ourselves before DiS-EASE strikes and we are going to motivate you to do it NOW!

We also both like the idea of moving away from CaringBridge and having you follow us here where there can be more of a dialog and being the opportunist (and optimist) that I am that’s 1000 people reading and participating on this site! It’s also a symbolic move, for sure, one that is full of LOVE, LAUGH(TER) & VEGGIES. Please post comments here rather than on CB.

Oh and one last thing, Lance is AWESOME!
PS: Lance is a reluctant blogger (is it not cool or something?) and is worried about this sounding egotistical and we really want this to be more of an interactive thing. We want to be provocative and have it be more of a two way street than CB has been.