The Power of Prayer

We had an amazing summer ending with our two week trip to Hawaii. It was heavenly, magical and we relished every single moment (pics posted). We came back to our kids going back to school 2 days later (way to early!), Lance traveling for work and lots of out of towner visitors plus a music festival. It was kind of a crazy re-entry.

Now I know what you really want to hear about is our man Lance. He is doing really really well and according to one of the top neurologists in the country that is the biggest indicator of how a person is doing (more than any tests). Lance and I live in the realm of how he is doing right now and right now he could not be doing better.

Also, this past weekend our very dear friend who also happen to marry us was in town. He kindly joked that he was afraid to get in touch with us because I have made it “very clear for everyone to keep their distance.” We laughed and then I thought, “Have I really?” I hope you all know how grateful we are for all your support. You all have been a HUGE part of Lance’s continued healing. We feel so blessed to have had each and every one of you in our lives. I hope that I haven’t freaked you all out as to whether you can contact us or not. As we continue to move away from all the events that have happened this year and continue to feel confident in Lance’s healing, I am sure we will be more social and reachable but healing takes a lot of energy so Lance does his best to stick to a pretty simple yet rigid schedule. As for me, I feel like the Mother Lioness protecting my cub because I believe the common goal we ALL share is for Lance to stay on a healing path. So please don’t shy away from us but understand we are very focused on our goal!

Lastly, I wanted to leave you all on a little spiritual note. I have always believed in the power or prayer. Actually my sister Lynn deserves credit on that one, when she was sharing with me her beliefs on prayers almost 20 years ago. From that moment on I always prayed at the end of the day usually for people who were suffering or struggling, often times for people I didn’t even know or just feeling gratitude for my amazing life and all my blessings. I wasn’t even sure who I was praying to just some notion of a greater spirit, the universe, something bigger than me and it wasn’t like I was Laura Ingalls in¬†Little House on the Prairie¬†kneeling by my bed with my hands pressed together.

Prayer has taken on a whole new meaning in the past seven months for us. So whatever it is that you believe in, don’t underestimate the power of prayer. It really is magical beyond belief. I say this because I know of many people suffering and sometimes it’s just simply a great way to end the day or a way to get your thoughts to settle or to not think of yourself but others. One evening towards the end of the summer, Amelie and Zach had been having a tough week (they had been spending a little too much time together) and Lance told them to pray to get along better. The next day sometime in the middle of the day, Amelie said to me all excited “Hey Mommy, praying really works! I prayed last night that Zachy and I would get along better, and today we are!”

I truly feel it’s the power of the collective prayer from all of you that has greatly contributed to Lance’s success.

Julia Roberts and Nan’s Birthday

We are having a wonderful time in Hawaii. Kauai is like nowhere I’ve ever been. I’m looking out at a 200 ft waterfall cascading off the side of a mountain as I write and everyone sleeps.

Day before yesterday we were at our amazing hotel and I was in the kids activity room playing air hockey with Zach and Ama and Nan was at the pool. This group of girls comes in and is screaming! “Julia Roberts is down by the pool!” I espouse my Hollywood wisdom and tell them shed never come here, but they are fully convinced. About 15 minutes later Nan comes up for lunch to get us and the room erupts in giggles and laughter. I introduce Nancy to these girls as Nancy and finally I understand. Nancy was their Julia Roberts. They’d been chasing her around the pool convinced she was Julia. They even had a People magazine to compare. It was all quite bizarre. Why do all the glamourous things happen to Nan?

Today is Nan’s birthday and Im sure she’d love to hear little happy birthday wishes across the Pacific.

We love you all and thank you for getting us here with all of your thoughts and prayers. Without Nancy and all of you, Lord knows where I’d be.

Big Hugs, Lance