Hammock Happiness

It’s Lance’s birthday today or tomorrow or yesterday (depending on when you read this… June 25th) and I feel joy and happiness. We have been spending a lot of time in the hammock…Lance and I together, since we got the mortgage everything has been better, if you are interested in deals for homeowner’s loans just click on the link to get all the information you may need. Zach and Amélie are in it all the time (pics posted). I sometimes think to myself, “I could be cooking right now, or I could be lying in the hammock!” and then I lure Lance into the hammock just to “BE” with me. I even try to get my friends to lie in the hammock with me (Mar Mar :). Under our huge silver maple and all the glory and shade it provides. It is kind of heavenly…right in our own backyard. Lance’s hair is growing in, an event that is making Lance particularly happy (so much so that he checks himself out in the mirror 5x a day). His hair feels like that of a new born baby..it’s pure peach fuzz. It feels symbolic, like a re-birth. He has lots of energy lately but still keeping diligent about his practice, diet, exercise, visualizations and being present in all that he does (a big feat for him being that he used to be the ultimate multi-tasker).

We have transitioned into this groove in the past week or so that feels so full of love and laughter. Everyday feels a little lighter and more joyful. A few weeks ago, I suddenly thought we were missing joy in our lives. It suddenly became my biggest pursuit along with grating turmeric on everything like some crazy mad woman. I suddenly thought, “WAIT, this is a key ingredient to Lance’s health and healing!” To all of our lives, really. What is life without laughter? I was asking myself, what makes me laugh? I wanna laugh!! LANCE WE NEED TO LAUGH!!! He gave me kind of a, “Okay, Nance, I’ll get right on that” kind of look.

But ON IT he did. He suggested the next night we play charades with the kids. Ok, I like games, any games, ALL games and charades is a particular fun one and definitely makes everyone laugh! Then Lance, the DJ, had some groovy music going and we all started to dance. Dancing, music and playing games….couldn’t be a more perfect combo for me. I was reminded that everything that truly makes me happy is right here in my home and backyard. So the music is back on, the jig is back in our lives, we may not be out and about but you can be rest assured there is a party of 4 on Mariposa.

Love, Nance


Lance is ONE TOUGH DUDE. And I don’t say this lightly. I think about all that he has been through in just a mere four months and with no forewarning and how he has come out amazingly strong. He is embracing his new life style and it just makes me so proud of him. He has made some profound changes and he does so with so much grace. There are no other words to describe him except that he is a (fill in the blank) Rock Star.

I also wanted to mention that we are keeping a very low profile and for no other reason than that’s what feels right to us at this moment. So if it seems especially quiet chez Gentry’s, it’s as simple as that. For this, I am especially proud of Lance. As most of you know, we are slightly extroverted and we love our friends. But we both feel that it is important for us to save our energy and keep it inside to continue this healing process, to be more quiet with ourselves and each other, rest, not get pulled in every direction and I say this all while Lance is on a business trip presently and just finished building an 8 ft. bookcase this past weekend but other than that, life is pretty mellow! However before you all start crossing us off your summer party lists please still include us! We might just get a wild hair and want to tie one on with a big fat shot of wheatgrass.